Wheelchair Halloween Costumes

Your Wheelchair: The Best Halloween Accessory

Every Halloween I always struggle with whether or not I should incorporate my wheelchair into my costume. Is it cheesy or is it clever? I used to think it was cheesy, but now? I’m not so sure. I’ve recently met some pretty creative people who use wheelchairs online, and the costume ideas they’ve come up with are seriously impressive. They look at their wheelchairs as a base to build from, and as it turns out, the possibilities are endless. Here are my favorite costume ideas for wheelchair-users for Halloween 2011.

Amelia Earhart: Everyone loves Amelia Earhart, so why not turn your wheelchair into a plane and emulate her for the night? Use cardboard to create the nose and body, and Styrofoam to create the tail and wings, then paint it red, or whichever color you please. Put on a leather jacket and some goggles, pull your hair up into a pony tail, and you’re all set. This costume could easily work for guys too. Instead of Amelia, go as the Red Baron. Super fun costume idea, just remember to take the size of the plane into consideration so you can still get through the door.

Taxi Driver: Another great way to incorporate your chair into a costume is to make it into a car. Once you create the car, your costume options are endless. Again, use cardboard to create the body, then paint it however you’d like. Also, making a convertible or Jeep is a smart idea since you won’t have to worry about making a roof. You could paint the car yellow and be a disgruntled cabbie, or you could go Stone age retro and be Fred Flintstone. Here are some other car-related costume ideas: NASCAR driver, Army grunt driving a Jeep, pageant queen on a truck in a parade, you could even be a drunk celebrity hiding out in a Limo.

Indiana Jones: If you’re a fan of Indy like I am, then this is a great idea for anyone who remembers the scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when he’s cruising in a Jeep with Willie and Short Round. For this costume, all you need is to create a Jeep, paint it brown, then print out cutouts of Willie and Short Round so they look like they’re riding with you.

Disco Train: Train costumes may be for kids, but trains can be grown-up fun too, especially if its a play on words. Love the ‘70s and disco? Then this is your chance to sport an afro, a crazy print shirt and stacked boots, and become a rolling disco train. Cardboard is your friend in this occasion too, and works great for creating the body of the train.

Pocahontas/Native American: And if the car or plane ideas didn’t get your creative juices flowing, why not turn your chair into a boat? This is another great way to incorporate a wheelchair into a costume, and is perfectly suited for dressing up as Pocahontas. Create a canoe using cardboard, duct tape each part to your chair and voila! You’re sitting in a canoe, reading to win as many costume contests as possible. You could also turn your chair into a fishing boat and go as one of the old men from Grumpy Old Men.

With all of these costumes remember one thing – duct tape is your best friend (and lots of it!)

Read another post of mine with even more costume ideas “Halloween’s Almost Here! Costume Ideas For Wheelchair Users“.

What will you be dressing up as this year?

Photo courtesy of Gina Campbell

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