Beating the Monotony of Life in a wheelchair

Beating the Monotony of Everyday Life

Let’s face it. Humans have a tendency to get bored fast. Too fast! We think we’re superior to animals when it comes to this all-important personality trait (after all – we are the smartest mammal on the planet), but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t know about you, but there’s only so much of the sameness this girl can take, and the not-walking thing isn’t helping.

When you add-in having a physical disability to the monotony of everyday life, which some days isn’t that bad to be fair, it can be greatly compounded; at least coming from the “before and after” disability perspective that I have. Knowing the “before” experience of having a completely able body can be torture some days, especially when you remember how vivid certain things were, and now….not so much.

The loss of neurological functioning goes further than the loss of pure moment, there’s the loss of not being able to feel things to contend with, and that can make the world muted.

But I’m happy to report it’s not a lost cause. While we are just as guilty of getting bored with a 5-star resort or yawning mid-skydive (it could happen) just like anyone else, we are also just as capable of finding new outlets to break the monotony. It just takes a wee bit more creativity and drive to make it happen, which can be hard to muster some days.

What I’ve been doing to deter the inevitable monotony of upstanding adult life paired with the blech – sitting down everyday, all day for the last 18 years, with each morning feeling like the movie Groundhog Day – is to literally force myself to do something new. Every day! I’m even applying this self-help method to my grocery store visits, buying one new produce item each time I’m there. And woo – tomorrow is Mango Day.

A lot of people think you need a lot of money to get out of your element if you’re disabled because the equipment to do anything adapted, from adapted race car driving to adapted scuba diving, all cost insane amounts of money. The rich disabled folks of the world may have an easier time at getting their adrenaline rushing, but we can get it flowing too. Fancy adapted pursuits aren’t the only cure to breaking the monotony. We can still influence our senses on the cheap, from aromatherapy to new films, to doing something physical, like getting in our standing frame.

Whether you try a new food each day, begin watching a new TV show on Netflix (I recommend my top 3: Lost, Game of Thrones and Rome) or even try going to a new-to-you local park, the options available to us are limitless despite it seeming like a pointless pursuit. You just need to remain highly creative, explore the idea of being a tourist in your own state, and above all, remember that it’s up to you at the end of the day to delight your own senses.

How do you beat the monotony of everyday life?

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  1. michael
    michael says:

    between things going wrong and breaking and the cost of living going through the roof … trying to figure out how to stay living inside with out being forced into a living vacility…it takes up alot of my time

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