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Feeling Gratitude for your Body

I‘ve been inspired. Inspired by another glamorous female quadriplegic, with words so true, said so perfectly, I couldn’t help but blog about it so all of you can soak in her brilliantness. And the use of “brilliant” is appropriate because the lovely lady I’m in awe of is one Lara Masters – first and foremost a rock star in every sense of the word, second, a Brit, and third, a spinal cord injury survivor.

She recently penned a blog to ring in the New Year – focusing on feeling sexy as a person with a disability – a hugely important subject that I think everyone reading this can relate to. I mean, it doesn’t even matter if you have a disability or not, feeling sexy is not easy to do. Well, it’s easy for some – the lucky few with perfectly sound egos who love their bodies 24/7 – but for everyone else, we’re human beings. And being human means doubting your attractiveness. Sometimes. And if you have a disability, loathing one’s body can really prevent us from seeing our sexiness.

Is it even possible for some to really believe we’re sexy?

I’ve struggled. I still do. And as Lara Masters so eloquently puts in her blog, If you think you’re sexy, it’s something you, even if you have a disability, can overcome. You hear that? Yes YOU. Hey I know – how do you find your inner groove thing when you’re drowning in medical equipment and other annoying disability entrapments? Lara says to pick your favorite body part, highlight it and show it off in a sexy outfit. Definitely a decent idea, even if that might seem hard to do for a lot of disabled folks. Getting from point A to point B can be tricky.

But what really got me in her blog was the part where she stressed the importance of gratitude for our bodies, even if they’re not perfect, even if they’re not the ideal body you intended or hoped for in this life. Once you feel gratitude for all your body can still give to you – life, pleasure, happiness – hopefully feeling sexy will follow suit.

Photo courtesy of Katie Brady

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