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Guaranteed Winter Fun: Accessible Sledding

Nothing is more magical than whizzing down a snowy hill with the wind in your face, and the cool part, almost anyone can do it. All it takes is a sled, a snow-covered hill, and the need for speed. You don’t even have to stand up!

For kids with disabilities, they can easily join in on the fun. Since sledding is an activity that requires sitting, most kids with disabilities got that part covered (grin). The tricky part is finding a sled that is both safe and secure. Extra back support and straps are just a few things to look for.

A cool sled called The Snow Coach, and it is an awesome sled. It comes with raised back support, a headrest, three safety straps, and a padded seat. This sled is also nice for anyone helping out the sledder, since it comes with push handles in the back. It’s a bit spendy ($419), but the fun you’ll experience in this sled will be worth it once cabin fever hits.

Kicksleds are another great idea for accessible sledding. A lot like The Snow Coach, Kicksleds are a wooden chair fixed to two metal skis. A backrest and arm-rests are usually included and these sleds are incredibly easy to modify/add-to to make sure the sled is just right for your needs. You can find Kicksleds at most toy and winter sport stores. They’re also available at SnowSledsmart.

Sled hockey and bi-skiing are other adapted winter activities that require both a sled and cold weather, and are totally fun. Give the intense sport of wheelchair hockey a try in one of these cool wheelchair sleds. The sleds created for adapted downhill skiing – a bucketed seat fixed two to winter skis- are pretty awesome as well.

Remember, sledding is all fun, but don’t forget the hike back up the hill! Bring a strong parent, sibling, or some friends to help and you’ll have every base covered to make sledding an activity you’ll love.

A few other adapted sleds to check out:

What fun adaptions or sleds have you found? What other tips do you have to make sledding accessible and safe?

Photo courtesy of Skippy

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  1. tami tubell
    tami tubell says:

    the links are not good. would love to see the sled pictured in the article. the chair type is good too.

  2. Bryanne Freitag
    Bryanne Freitag says:

    Tami the only link that didn’t work for me is the Kicksled from Toys R Us, I am assuming that they no longer carry it or have a new model. Thanks for the heads up, I will remove that link. The photo came from Flickr so I am not sure where you can find that particular sled. Give a web search a try! Thanks for your comment!

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