How to Sell Used Medical Equipment

How to Sell Used Medical Equipment

Do you have a used standing frame that you are looking to sell?

It could be for various reasons, maybe your child outgrew their stander or maybe you are looking to replace it with a newer model. Regardless of the reason, our customer service team occasionally gets calls from customers wanting to sell or trade their EasyStand. Since we do not offer this service, I went searching for websites that do so we can provide these customers with some help.

Care Cure Forum is a great website where people living with spinal cord injuries, their families, and SCI clinicians share a wide variety of useful information. Many post questions about standing and for sale listings or purchasing requests for used EasyStand standers.

Tip: Do a Google search for other forums related to your disability and post items for sale on that website.

EasyStand Facebook Page has almost 1,500 fans and over 1,000 visits a week. Post your listing on our page and reach the people who support standing and are interested in standing. I recently bought my son a used basketball hoop that I found for sale on Facebook : ) offers a free listing service where people can buy, sell or donate used medical equipment. Listings are search-able by zip code making it easier to make a local sale and avoid packaging and shipping concerns.

To round out my list, here are a few more sites:

If you are looking for additional advice, Read eHow Article “How to Sell Used Medical Equipment.”

Do you have a site or idea to add to this list? Have you used any of these websites to buy or sell equipment?

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  1. Jackie Kaufenberg
    Jackie Kaufenberg says:

    Of course, if you don’t want to go thru the hassle of selling it, or money is not a major issue, you can always donate your wheelchair or stander too. There are probably many local organizations that will be happy to take it such as United Cerebral Palsy, Goodwill-Easter Seals, equipment loan closets, your local rehab, school, or day program, or even a private party.

  2. Guy Harris
    Guy Harris says: is a dedicated website to disability equipment. It is an easy way to buy or sell 2nd hand disability equipment and is FREE, clear and totally user-friendly. Buyers can search by price, distance, keyword or category & sub-category. Sellers can choose whether to show or hide contact details as initial direct email contact may be made via a contact form on their listing page, AND sellers can add upto 4 photos. It really is that easy!

  3. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    I am looking to donate a supine stander my son has outgrown.It is a tumbleforms brand and looks like new.Also looking for a Special needs jogger.He is over 100 lbs.

  4. Bryanne Freitag
    Bryanne Freitag says:

    @Roslyn trying looking on some of the sites listed above. They have several standers listed for sale that are used at selling at a reasonable price. Good luck!

  5. Robert Remitz
    Robert Remitz says:

    We can sell for you any Used or New Durable Medical Equipment such as Powerchairs, Scooters, Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts, Portable Concentrators, Stationary Concentrators, Lift Chairs, Wheelchairs, etc.

  6. taryn
    taryn says:

    hi there i have a welchallyn thermometer for sale and i dont no were to sell it.
    it is brand new only used 2 times

  7. Chad Hall
    Chad Hall says:

    You can sell it at it is free to list equipment on there or you can find another company that buys equipment close to where you live so you don’t have to pay for shipping.

  8. Robert Remitz
    Robert Remitz says:

    This is all great information but the problem with these classified areas like Craigslist and EBAY, etc. is they do not have an experienced person to make sure the Medical Device is truly intended for that person. We get calls all the time with people going the inexpensive route and buy their Medical Equipment on Amazon or Craigslist and they just order it or pay for it and then when it arrives it is the wrong size or the product will not work like Portable Oxygen Concentrators for instance. The person has to be on continuous flow versus a pulse dose machine and this could be life threatening due to them not knowing what they are buying and it does not work. I see this all the time. third party listing allows someone to list their medical equipment and we have internal people to SEO the product and make sure the seller is a viable source THEN we list it and SELL it for them with live people here that have over 20 years experience in the Medical Equipment industry. This way the buyer gets exactly what they need. To many people out there buy a medical device and the person that sold it is not available to answer questions and once the buyer gets the product the seller will not take it back. It is very sad and we here about it daily. We are trying to change how people list medical equipment to sell on-line.

  9. need cheap standing frame
    need cheap standing frame says:

    A close friend of mine is paralyzed from a jet ski accident. She’s paraplegic. She’s only 18 and desperately needs a standing frame. Can anyone help?

  10. BrittanyM
    BrittanyM says:

    Hello! The best place to start is by taking a look at the Funding section of our website- Here you will find all the information you need to get a standing device funded. If you are looking for a used device, please take a look at any of the sites listed in the article above. I know we have some recent posts on our Facebook page from people hoping to sell used EasyStand standing frames. Please contact us if you need any further assistance or guidance. We are here to help!

  11. Julie Signorino
    Julie Signorino says:

    I have a used Easy Stand standing frame for sale. The price is $1,000.00 or best offer. Please contact me at 225-937-6537 or see it at ebay/classified/Baton Rouge, LA.

  12. Mike Woodrick
    Mike Woodrick says:

    I have a GE V-Scan for sale.This is refurbished GE V-Scan in “like new” condition.The unit comes with a full 90 day warranty.If interested kindly email or call:

    Mike Woodrick

  13. Medical equipments Manufacturer
    Medical equipments Manufacturer says:

    I am looking to offer some sort of supine stander the child possesses outgrown. It is just a tumbleforms company as well as seems like completely new. Additionally looking for a Unique needs jogger. He or she is around 100 lbs.

  14. Brittany Mathiowetz
    Brittany Mathiowetz says:

    Hello! Based on the information provided I suggest the Bantam line of standing frames since these pediatric standers all offer a supine option. Depending on the height of the child either the size small or medium would probably work best. If you would like to set up a product demo, or have a catalog mailed to you, please fill out this form and we’d be happy to set that up!

  15. Marie Krofta
    Marie Krofta says:

    Barely used (10x) Adult Large Easy Stand Evolv with upgraded headrest, swing-away Roho knee pads, Roho seating, & tray being sold due to untimely death of my son. $5500 new (12/2013) looking for $2500. Please call 262-770-8192

  16. Jon Schmidt
    Jon Schmidt says:

    I have previously used for both buying and selling. They have an excellent OEM service, and handles everything from deinstallation to installation of new equipment. If you have anything to sell, you can just take contact to them.
    Most important thing when selling equipment is brand, model and year. Besides you might wanna know what probes (if its ULS) included. If its CT the tube-count is pretty important – age and how used? Such things.
    Kind regards,

  17. Medical Supplies
    Medical Supplies says:

    Be Fair, Pricing the medical equipment to sell is usually the best and only option when taking into account aged equipment. Time is a commodity in the arena of haggling–if you set an unreasonable price on your used item you’ll probably waste more time negotiating than actually making money.

  18. chetan savani
    chetan savani says:

    great post thanks for share with us.
    We can sell for you any Used or New Medical Equipment such as radiology equipment, Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts, Portable Concentrators, Stationary Concentrators, Lift Chairs, Wheelchairs, etc.

  19. Josh Glas
    Josh Glas says:

    Nice Post, even sites like amazon is good, but I know one more website where you can sell medical equipments on better and fair prices.

  20. Zara Joyce
    Zara Joyce says:

    Great. That will be very effective and useful for me and my business. My company buys and sells used the medical equipment after refurbishing them. We buy sell old and refurbished Infusion pumps, medical monitors and hospital beds at best market rates.

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