A Peek Behind the Curtain of Being an Uncle with SCI

Being an uncle is awesome. Let me rephrase that much more accurately: being an uncle is (bleeping) AWESOME!! It’s the best job on earth. I love everything about it. My three year old nephew is a happy, sweet, smart, fun little boy with a good sense of humor. A lot of the time he is much more into being outside (“Go outside!”) playing and doing yard work type stuff than he is playing with his toys inside. My two year old niece is a handful too. Depending on her mood she toggles back and forth between a precious little girl playing with her “pretties” and a highly demanding diva. She is also fearless and thinks she can do everything her brother can. They’re quite a pair. They’re fun and cute and crazy and just being around them makes my day. I love them more than I ever could have imagined. It’s been a great ride so far.

But as great as it is being an uncle, being an uncle with a spinal cord injury is a whole different ballgame with its own set of challenges. Because as doting as I am (very), as a quadriplegic I am also very physically limited in the level of active interaction that I can have with them. So out the window immediately are things like wrestling around, piggy back rides, taking them swimming, and all the related fun stuff that I would like to do with them under normal circumstances. In other words, the stuff that garners you super cool hero uncle status. I don’t dwell on it but it’s still tough. Read more

Using an active standing frames keeps adults with disabilities in shape.

Todd Shapes Up! Wordless Wednesday

Using an active standing frames keeps adults with disabilities in shape.

“It feels great to stand up and workout, standing keeps my body in shape and my dog Sadie is my trainer.” Todd is a C6-7 Quadriplegic with a sense of humor who has been standing since May of 2000. “I use my EasyStand Glider about 30-45 minutes, 3 times a week. I love standing…helps with muscle spasms…keeps my arms in shape…and has helped my balance while sitting in the wheelchair. Also helps keep pressure sores off my butt. It took me about 2 months to lose 10 lbs and my goal is to stand every day for 1 hour!”

What’s your standing story or goal? Post a little bit about yourself in the comments below or share your story and photo via our website or our Facebook page and get a t-shirt. You could be featured in a future blog post just like Todd!

Altimate Medical, Makers of EasyStand Standing Frames, Awarded for Safety

Keepin’ it Safe at Altimate Medical

Safe-tynoun, plural
1. the state of being safe; freedom from the occurrence of risk, danger, or loss.

This is how the dictionary describes safety. But what does safety mean to you? It may mean telling your child to fasten their seat belt, or finding rehab equipment that make you feel secure, or having a safe home for your family. Here at Altimate Medical, safety means keeping our employees safe through education and safe working conditions, and providing safe products to our customers. Read more

funding for standing frames

Must-haves for Letters of Medical Necessity

Now that you and your team have determined the best standing frame for you to use, it’s time for the Letter of Medical Necessity/Justification (LMN/J). The LMN/LMJ is a detailed document that one or more of your medical team jointly writes to submit to your insurance payer for authorization of the device. Unfortunately not all LMN/LMJ’s for standing frames are created equal. This important document must convey your specific medical need for a weight bearing program. It must also describe you and your life situation to the payer, without becoming a novel. Read more

adapted sports

Adapted Sports- Get Your Body Moving This Summer

You say it every Summer. “This is the year I’m going to try something new,” when it comes to getting out of your activity comfort zone. Something that gets you outside, gets you healthy, and *gasp*, something that’s even fun. There are a variety of adapted sports and activities you can explore as a person with a disability. Some are more expensive (because of the necessary equipment), but some are less than $10. Here are my favs. Read more

Max standing frame EasyStand ipad

iStand and Play iPad: Wordless Wednesday

Don’t just stand there, do something fun like Max! He stands in his EasyStand Bantam while playing the “Magic Piano” app on his mom and dad’s iPad! To read more about the fun things Max does while standing, check out his EasyStand customer story or blog. You can also read more about iPad apps for kids with special needs.

Max standing frame EasyStand ipad

Have you tried the new iPad yet? What do you do to make standing more fun? Let us know in the comments below!

Lily Standing

Make Standing Part of your Child’s Daily Routine

Standing programs for children with disabilities are part of the natural routine at Normandy Park Preschool. Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine magazine recently published an insightful article called, Let’s Stand Together. Written by a PT and OT team that work for Normandy Park, the article emphasizes the importance of routines for children and how to help kids succeed with a standing program by making it part of the natural routine of their school day. Writers Laura Krueger, PT and Mary Coleman, OT write that, “Being in a stander during the natural routine of the school day allows children to work on all areas of development, including language, cognitive and social skills, while also emphasizing their motor skill “development.” Read more

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Therapy

A Special Needs Dad Look at an Alternative Therapy: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

As the parent of a special needs child, I was always looking for something to help my child’s condition or eliminate it. Many physicians, specialists and other medical professionals were not finding the answers, so my wife and me had to find something for our child. I am sure you feel the same way and never stop looking for something that could heal your child. Read more