3 Methods of Transferring, Many Solutions to Help

For certain individuals, transferring is never an easy task, especially at first. Like many things, transferring gets easier when you find a technique that works best for you, and practice. With assisted transfers, it is always a good idea to review the transfer strategy with the client before transferring, and talk them through the steps as they are happening. This will help reduce anxiety for the person being transferred. There are many different methods of transferring into the EasyStand Evolv stander, whether you transfer independently or need assistance. There are also a variety of options that can be added to the Evolv to help make your method of transferring more manageable.

  1. Independent Transfer: A person with paraplegia or others who have good upper body strength can do a lateral transfer from their wheelchair to the seat of the stander. We have designed the Evolv base so that a wheelchair can be positioned at any angle from parallel to 90 degrees against the edge of the Evolv seat (the front wheelchair caster can even come underneath the front corner of the seat). The kneepads flip up and out of the way to give the person room to bring their legs in and position their feet. Options that can help an independent transfer: Sliding board, Transfer Seat, Shadow Tray.
  2. Stand Pivot Transfer: A caregiver can assist a patient into the stander using a stand pivot transfer. The caregiver helping with the stand pivot transfer assists the person out of their wheelchair to standing, then turns or pivots,
    and sits the person down on the seat of the stander. Options that can help a stand pivot transfer: Swing Away Front, Rotating Seat, Transfer Seat, Shadow Tray.
  3. Patient Lift Device: Caregivers can assist people who have a higher level of disability by using a patient lift device, such as a Hoyer lift or an overhead ceiling lift to get positioned in the EasyStand. The rear legs of the EasyStand Evolv are designed to allow room for the lifting device to be used from many different angles. Options that can help transferring with a patient lift device: Swing Away Front, Removable Back, Transfer Seat, Shadow Tray.

Goto our website for more info on tranferring into the Evolv stander and options to help.

Want more transfer tips and techniques from paraplegics and quadriplegics? Check out our Life After Spinal Cord Injury videos.

Therapists, Caregivers, and Endusers: What transferring tips or tricks have worked for you? Is there a technique that you use that is not mentioned here? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. LB Throne
    LB Throne says:

    Something I’ve learned to use is a small grocery bag from Walmart or your local store. It helps to slide when transfering to a bed or auto. Just slide it under yourself and then put one on the seat your moving too. I even use one on the bed to get better positioning. Good luck!

  2. Karey Dobbelaire
    Karey Dobbelaire says:

    I want to know if it is possible to transfer just using one nursing assistant with the EZ stand lift. I want to know if the method of teaching is different than with two nursing assistants. Thank you

  3. Jackie Kaufenberg
    Jackie Kaufenberg says:

    Hi Karey, We need some more information to be able to answer your question. We make the EasyStand stander (the EZ lift is a different product). So are you asking about transferring into the EasyStand with the EZ Lift?

  4. lorena
    lorena says:

    Hi I am working with a quadruplegic with no muscles at all, she weights about 140pounds, I need help with some techniques lifting her from wheelchair to bathtub chair with no so much space…
    thank you

  5. Lomien Burger
    Lomien Burger says:

    My sister in law is a quadriplegic – she cannot use any part of her body – she can sit up and she can move her head… we consider buying her a folding (collapsing) hoist with sling – we want to take her where we go, but I am not strong enough to pick her up – thus I need a hoist that can transfer into the vehicle (any vehicle).. thus far we could not find such a hoist or sling. Do you have an affordable solution for me, please.

    Best regards

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