Locke “Walking” on LOST Island

This is a guest post on the EasyStand Blog by Santina Muha, Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey and Communications Associate for the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.

Are we supposed to believe someone would rather spend their life walking on a deserted island with monsters & polar bears & black smoke than wheeling in America with family & friends & technology & food?

If you are watching Lost then you know there is no shortage of mysteries. But as someone living with a spinal cord injury, I would have to say one of the biggest mysteries to me is why John Locke made the decision to remain on the island in the first place. I know that as the seasons went on we learned that he feels it is his mission in life to be the leader of this island, but as far as viewers and Locke himself were concerned in the first few seasons, the only advantage of that island was that he was miraculously cured of any injury to his spine.

Lately, with each episode a few more questions are being answered, but still, I can’t help but remember the day a few seasons back when Locke contemplated going back to the states and getting in that wheelchair, and he was horrified. Now if he were stuck in the wheelchair on the island, I can see how that would be even more of a nightmare. Sand and wheels don’t usually mix, and I doubt he’d be trekking through the forests in his old fashioned hospital style ride.

If someone offered me the chance to walk again, but the catch was that I had to go to a scary island, never to be seen again, I’d have to pass. Unless Sawyer was going to be there…Then maybe I’d have to consider it…

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  1. Jackie Kaufenberg
    Jackie Kaufenberg says:

    maybe if he had a sporty chair and an EasyStand back home he would have had more common sense to get off that crazy island? I guess now we are left to wonder if he is really dead? And who is the “second” John Locke that was so determined to kill Jacob?

  2. Andy
    Andy says:

    Why am I jealouse of this fictitious situation? Lost on an island with Ms W/C NJ soundes like fun to me.

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