Karly Uses Technology to Communicate

Karly is a young woman with Rett Syndrome. Since she is unable to speak, she uses her blog “Inspired By Love” as a way to communicate. Karly is a passionate writer, who has the ability to draw you into her world using only words. She says, “I love to write. I am entering some of my writings into an event in our community in December. It was so fun last year to enter my poems and music.”

Karly also uses facilitated communication (FC) to speak to those around her. FC is a process by which a facilitator supports the hand or arm of an individual who is unable to speak while using a keyboard, helping the individual to communicate. Karly shares her experience with FC, “When I was 9 years old, I started communicating with support using a keyboard. Prior to that I had no way to share my thoughts, fears, pain, or wishes. When I started to use this method, there was so much excitement for me and my family.” Read Karly blog post “Facilitated Communication Saved My Life.”

We first met Karly a couple years ago at her school. She uses her EasyStand stander as a way to experience things around her and to improve her quality of life. She talks about how she uses her EasyStand Evolv, “I love my EasyStand. I stand for at least an hour everyday. If I could, I would stand more. It helps so much to get pressure off my back and hips. Now that I am out of school I use it when I listen to books on tape, in the kitchen so I can be near the food and even on the deck.” Read Karly’s Story on our website.

What is your experience with facilitated communication or other assisted communication devices? Are there any disability related blogs that you would like to share?

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