Woodrow Wilson Rehab Publishes Video On Standing

Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center in Virginia created this great video on standing. In the video, Pam Colber chats with Rachel Free, Physical Therapist, about some benefits of standing for people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities.

Pam is a former Ms. Wheelchair Virginia and SCI, T6-7 Para, who uses the EasyStand Glider to stay fit and energized for her busy lifestyle. Pam told us, “For me, I believe standing has helped save my life. I am very, very healthy, and I believe a majority of the reason for my continued progress and health is because of my standing program habit. If a person does not have time to stand, then I recommend they take something out of the day, and insert standing.”

A customer story about Pam is posted on our website. Read Pam’s Standing Story titled “I Believe.”

What benefits have you seen from a regular standing program?

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