All About Isabella
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All About Isabella

Hi everyone it's Isabella! Since I am writing blogs for you all…
  • Why My Dad is Special to Me

    This week we’re treated with another post by Jessie+Luke‘s oldest daughter Isabella. Hi it’s Isabella! Somebody made me very mad and I would like to tell you about it. I posted a picture on my Instagram account of my dad, me and my boyfriend, and my mom. We were playing together and throwing horseshoes in our backyard […]

  • How to Tell the Story of Injury, From a Writer's Perspective

    If you’d seen me just after my boyfriend’s SUV crashed into a tree and destroyed two of the vertebrae in my spine, you probably wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. I’d been lying across the backseat, sleeping, when the car slipped on ice and began hydroplaning across I-495 E in upstate New York. I was […]

  • Blood Clots and Spinal Cord Injuries

    Blood clots are a serious complication that can arise from dealing with a spinal cord injury. I suffered from two recently and I need to take blood thinners because they are a reoccurring issue for me personally. Blood clots are especially dangerous in paralyzed patients because we are numb. We are not always aware that a […]

  • The Quest for Power Assist

    A new wheelchair accessory has been buzzing in popularity around wheelchair-users for a few years now, and it’s one of the coolest wheelchair accessories to ever come out in the history wheelchairs – the Max Mobility SmartDrive. This one-wheel device can turn a manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair, and it’s changing lives around the […]

  • All About Isabella

    Hi everyone it’s Isabella! Since I am writing blogs for you all I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit about myself and my life so you can understand me a little more even though my dad and mom have already written about me. It makes me feel proud that my parents […]

  • Casual Ableism and Good Will

    There is such a thing as causal ableism. It’s insidious, such as someone offering me up a prayer and leaving me perplexed as to why they are praying for me. It’s someone telling me “If I were you, I’d probably wear sweatpants all day because I could get away with it.” It’s forgetting when a venue […]

  • Avoiding Pesky SCI-Related Conditions

    When you first become spinal cord injured, doctors warn you a whole host of secondary-related things can happen now that you’re paralyzed. Things like heterotopic ossification and scoliosis, big words with even bigger conditions I really didn’t know a lot about. But I was only 14 and had a lot to learn about what it […]

  • So, let’s start this off with a nice light discussion of psychosocial issues. I’m a big fan of Stephen King. Not because I’m a horror junkie, or because of any psychotic tendencies or mental illness that I’ve experienced following the trauma of spinal cord injury (side note: I acknowledge the unfortunate reality of this for […]

  • Accessibility vs Ableism

    What is accessibility in public? I’m headed to Target with my family and we’re shopping for clothes for the little ones. Handicapped parking? Yes, we found a space. My wife is wearing the new peanut in a wrap. Big girl Tater tot is secured in my lap.  Bella is lost in her own world listening […]

  • What is Attraction and Beauty

    What is beauty and how do we define it? Is it a group of physical characteristics? Is it the heart of someone that makes them beautiful? Is it a certain size or body type? Society places an enormous amount of importance on the physical appearance. Of course we all want to be considered attractive, but […]

  • LaLa Land

    I have been in LaLa Land. Completely avoiding all things CP.

  • Wheelchair Driving Dangers: When the Floor Lock Breaks

    Whenever I stop at the gas station and call for assistance with pumping my gas, explaining of course that I’m a wheelchair-user, I often get a barrage of questions from the gas station attendant when they come out. When they see that I’m driving my van while still in my powerchair, they can’t help but […]

  • Ellie was born March 4th, 2015. In my gut, I knew something was wrong throughout my whole pregnancy. It didn’t matter that ultrasounds had showed she had a heart defect. It didn’t matter they showed she had clinodactyly, or slightly thickened neuchal skin fold or thickened skin over her nasal bone. None of this did […]