Making Lemonade
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Making Lemonade

Hi everyone it's Isabella! Today I want to talk about making…
Why Prescription Drug Compliance is Essential
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Why Prescription Drug Compliance is Essential

Life hands every person on this planet illnesses and they come…
  • Why My Dad is Special to Me

    Hi it’s Isabella! Somebody made me very mad and I would like to tell you about it. I posted a picture on my Instagram account of my dad, me and my boyfriend, and my mom. We were playing together and throwing horseshoes in our backyard with my boyfriend’s parents because it is a lot of […]

  • How to Tell the Story of Injury, From a Writer's Perspective

    If you’d seen me just after my boyfriend’s SUV crashed into a tree and destroyed two of the vertebrae in my spine, you probably wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. I’d been lying across the backseat, sleeping, when the car slipped on ice and began hydroplaning across I-495 E in upstate New York. I was […]

  • Blood Clots and Spinal Cord Injuries

    Blood clots are a serious complication that can arise from dealing with a spinal cord injury. I suffered from two recently and I need to take blood thinners because they are a reoccurring issue for me personally. Blood clots are especially dangerous in paralyzed patients because we are numb. We are not always aware that a […]

  • Schooling for Special Needs Children

    Choosing a school for your special needs child can be a difficult experience. Will their needs be met? Will the teachers be patient and understanding? Will your child be able to make friends? Will they be able to communicate what they need? Will they feel left out from activities while the other children run and […]

  • Making Lemonade

    Hi everyone it’s Isabella! Today I want to talk about making the most of our lives. Lemonade is something you will constantly find in our refrigerator next to a pitcher of sweet tea. My momma taught me to make both when I was very young and she told me there was a lesson in it. […]

  • Why Prescription Drug Compliance is Essential

    Life hands every person on this planet illnesses and they come in an assortment of types. You have bacterial infections, viruses, autoimmune diseases, cancers, STDs, and blood disorders are only to name a few types. They range in severity from terminally ill brain tumors down to a harmless toe fungi. One key fact remains consistent […]

  • Elevator Seat for Power Wheelchairs: Accessibility

    It’s not hard to imagine a better life when you have something as vastly different as an elevator seat on a wheelchair.  When you are a full-time wheelchair user, having this function can completely change your world. It’s like having a Flintstones car and then having a car with a motor. The elevator seat is […]

  • I Don't Think I'm God, But I do Think You're a Jerk

    I know everybody is not going to agree with my personal opinions, but that’s why they are called opinions and not facts. I’m okay with this fact, and God knows that I welcome a good debate on any subject. I don’t even need to know what we’re talking about, but I bet I can make […]

  • The Darkness

    Can you hear me Daddy? Does anyone hear my voice, my pain, and my sadness? Is anybody out there willing to hold my hand through this darkness they call dementia? It is a blackness so dark there are no stars in shining in the heavens to help guide me. I do not know in which […]

  • How to Help Someone Through a Panic Attack

    Watching a person go through a vicious panic attack can be as scary for the observer as it is for the person experiencing it. There are ways to help a patient through a panic attack. While that is true you are not trained medical professionals and if you are unable to distinguish the differences between […]

  • My Family of Bloggers

    Jessie, Isabella, and I are not typical bloggers. We write a few times a year and will submit 40-75 blogs. I have blogs yet to be published from when we first began writing. If the timeline seems off or I mention only 1 or 2 daughters this is why. EasyStand chooses when to publish the content. […]

  • My Life with Autism

    Hi everyone it’s Isabella! Today I want to talk about autism and what my life has been like because of it. I am what they call a high functioning autistic and I also have ADHD. My mom says they are very common to have together. I take medication that helps me focus and slow down […]

  • Evidence Based Medicine: Yes, No, Maybe?

    As a therapist, I try hard to practice evidence based medicine. I spend time reading articles, going to conferences, and discussing best practices with colleagues in the field. But what should I do or recommend when there is no consensus?