Let’s Make Holiday Traditions More Accessible
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Let’s Make Holiday Traditions More Accessible

Every year Christmas is one of those holidays that lets me down.…
Complex Rehab Technology Funding Cuts
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The Festive Holiday Season

I used that title sarcastically. I’m not feeling too festive…
  • A Child's Perspective: Growing up with a Disability

    This week, Jessie+Luke‘s oldest daughter Isabella has shared her thoughts on what it’s like to be a child with a disability. Hi everyone. My name is Isabella, but everybody calls me Bella or Izzy. I wanted to write a few blogs for a bunch of reasons. I want to help my parents raise money for Christmas […]

  • Vanishing Friends After a Spinal Cord Injury

    Friendships all change with time. Some grow stronger and sometimes people drift apart. There is a different kind of friendship for those who experience a chronic illness or permanent injury. It’s called where the hell did they go? Oh you’ve heard of it? Yeah, you didn’t see that one coming did you…

  • The Heartbreak of Used Equipment

    This week, Jennifer’s husband Bryan shares his recent experience purchasing used medical equipment from another special needs family. Here’s his story. I was cruising Craigslist on Sunday afternoon looking for a good deal on a bike trailer that may fit our King Roa and give us another alternative for family outings. I had done my […]

  • Let’s Make Holiday Traditions More Accessible

    Every year Christmas is one of those holidays that lets me down. I get really excited for it, hoping it’ll be a great time, but there are always moments where I feel unable to fully enjoy Christmas like before my spinal cord injury. Maybe it’s the unable to walk thing, or maybe it’s the unable […]

  • Holiday Gift Shopping

    It’s the holiday season and that means shopping. What are some great gifts for that person in your life who has special needs? Are you finding toys that are appropriate and stimulating? Shopping can be a tough experience when there are sensory issues or limited functions involved.

  • Complex Rehab Technology Funding Cuts

    I used that title sarcastically. I’m not feeling too festive these days. Prescribing wheelchairs and other complex DME for my clients just keeps getting harder and harder.

  • Your Birthday Makes Me Cry

    Lyds, I will never lie to you. Never.

  • Autonomic Dysreflexia – My Friend, My Foe

    There are times in life where you can do nothing but respond to what’s happening to you. Things just happen no matter how much you plan. You’re not God for crying out loud. And one big thing that many people with spinal cord injuries try to avoid from happening to them is autonomic dysreflexia; one […]

  • Holiday Shopping and Savings

    Holiday shopping means holiday crowds full of insanely bitter people who are willing to fight to the death over that last Barbie or Batman Lego set. What should be a fun time has turned into a battle of the strongest. The stores become so crowded that if you’re living with a wheelchair it can be […]

  • Why I'm Thankful This Year

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Great food, good times with family, and a reason to look back and think of all of the reasons I have in my life to be thankful. Once again my family was faced with huge changes this year. My wife battled lymphoma not once, but twice. It transformed […]

  • Pneumonia in SCI Patients

    Pneumonia! The leading cause of death for spinal cord injury sufferers! Yes, the leading cause of death! That should be enough of a reason to take prevention and treating of this illness with the utmost seriousness.

  • Lisa and Easton

    Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Zietlow. I just turned 34 years old. I have a “typical” 6-year-old son named Kaiden and a “non-typical” 18-month-old son named Easton.

  • A Quadriplegic’s Guide to Stress-Free Meal Planning

    When you’re single and live alone, planning a meal for one is hard enough. But when you add-in problems in the finger department as well as having completely paralyzed triceps, it’s a whole other ballgame. This can make getting that weeknight meal at the end of a long workday very frustrating.