Evidence Based Medicine: Yes, No, Maybe?
You Can't Take Life for Granted
  • Why My Dad is Special to Me

    Hi it’s Isabella! Somebody made me very mad and I would like to tell you about it. I posted a picture on my Instagram account of my dad, me and my boyfriend, and my mom. We were playing together and throwing horseshoes in our backyard with my boyfriend’s parents because it is a lot of […]

  • How to Tell the Story of Injury, From a Writer's Perspective

    If you’d seen me just after my boyfriend’s SUV crashed into a tree and destroyed two of the vertebrae in my spine, you probably wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. I’d been lying across the backseat, sleeping, when the car slipped on ice and began hydroplaning across I-495 E in upstate New York. I was […]

  • Blood Clots and Spinal Cord Injuries

    Blood clots are a serious complication that can arise from dealing with a spinal cord injury. I suffered from two recently and I need to take blood thinners because they are a reoccurring issue for me personally. Blood clots are especially dangerous in paralyzed patients because we are numb. We are not always aware that a […]

  • Evidence Based Medicine: Yes, No, Maybe?

    As a therapist, I try hard to practice evidence based medicine. I spend time reading articles, going to conferences, and discussing best practices with colleagues in the field. But what should I do or recommend when there is no consensus?

  • The Mind and Types of Sexual Predators

    Warning: This post contains detailed information about sexual assault that some readers may find disturbing. Rates of abuse are higher among those living with disabilities. In an effort to raise awareness about this very serious issue, Jessie has written a special series on sexual abuse that will be published over the coming months.

  • You Can't Take Life for Granted

    Life is a funny thing right? It is filled with twist and turns you never expected to face. I’m not supposed to be in this damn chair crying at a computer screen wondering what happens next. I know what comes next. I forget my life in bits and pieces. I forget every piece of happiness. […]

  • Love is Not an Ability

    Hi everyone it’s Isabella! I have been struggling with a lot of really hard issues in my life recently with my dad having a new illness. I have cried and prayed a lot. It has been very hard since I learned that my dad has dementia. I wrote him a letter when I was angry […]

  • After 24 Years of #QuadLife, I’ve Found the Best Bed EVER

    Not many people in the world respect the bed. I know I certainly was one of these people not so long ago, even as someone living with paralysis. When you’re paralyzed at my level, you’re really only concerned about one big bed detail – does the bed have an adjustable base? But there are a […]

  • Flying Woes

    Recently, I had to make a quick flight out to South Korea to handle some family affairs. Of course, as a complete paraplegic, I ran into more than a handful of the usual hesitations. 

  • One Man, a Lost Child, and His Death

    I have been battling the greatest depression of my life since the passing of my biological father. He suffered from multiple personalities as a result of being sexually violated. My father was portrayed as a monster, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Yes, his illness did cause him to commit horrific acts, […]

  • Girl Talk: Quads, Your Monthly Friend & Birth Control

    You expect the healthcare industry to be full of open minded non-ignorant people, but you’d be surprised how many of these people exist in this world. I found this out pretty quickly when I became a quadriplegic, especially when dealing with the oh-so-delicate female department.

  • My Self Esteem After My Injury

    We all remember those awkward teenager years where we all were freaks of nature. You had acne, the mom hair cut, braces, the high water jeans because your mom said no they still fit and you’re still growing. We all had something that we swore up and down it was the only thing people saw […]

  • What Ableism Means to Me

    Hi everyone, it’s Isabella! I was reading a blog about ableism the other day and it really bothered me with something that was said in it. I began reading some other blogs on ableism. Every person is entitled to their opinion and that is fine. I guess now I will give you mine on the […]