Signs Your Child May Have Been Violated
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Signs Your Child May Have Been Violated

Warning: This post contains information about sexual assault…
Swimming After A Spinal Cord Injury
  • Why My Dad is Special to Me

    Hi it’s Isabella! Somebody made me very mad and I would like to tell you about it. I posted a picture on my Instagram account of my dad, me and my boyfriend, and my mom. We were playing together and throwing horseshoes in our backyard with my boyfriend’s parents because it is a lot of […]

  • How to Tell the Story of Injury, From a Writer's Perspective

    If you’d seen me just after my boyfriend’s SUV crashed into a tree and destroyed two of the vertebrae in my spine, you probably wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. I’d been lying across the backseat, sleeping, when the car slipped on ice and began hydroplaning across I-495 E in upstate New York. I was […]

  • Blood Clots and Spinal Cord Injuries

    Blood clots are a serious complication that can arise from dealing with a spinal cord injury. I suffered from two recently and I need to take blood thinners because they are a reoccurring issue for me personally. Blood clots are especially dangerous in paralyzed patients because we are numb. We are not always aware that a […]

  • On Recovering My Self Confidence

    I’m talking with a friend who’s an instructor at Parsons School of Design. G teaches a class where students design and create clothing for individuals with various disabilities, so she’s kind of the go-to when it comes to the disabled populace at that school. She mentions a conversation she had with a writer for the […]

  • Signs Your Child May Have Been Violated

    Warning: This post contains information about sexual assault that some readers may find disturbing. Rates of abuse are higher among those living with disabilities. In an effort to raise awareness about this very serious issue, Jessie has written a special series on sexual abuse that will be published over the coming months. No one wants to think of a child being […]

  • Swimming After A Spinal Cord Injury

    How many of you still go swimming? I remember my first time in the pool after my accident. It was a liberating yet terrifying experience. Floating free in the water without a wheelchair under me. Look at me I am standing! Logic tells you that you won’t drown in a pool with a life jacket […]

  • Does Time Move Differently After a Traumatic Injury

    I’ve noticed a lot of weird things happen when you go through a life changing accident, and I’m not talking about the physical side of things (in this case a spinal cord injury). I’m talking about the way the mind wraps itself around such a thing. As the years pile on of living with quadriplegia, […]

  • Being Empowered as a Person

    Hi everyone it’s Isabella! Today I want to talk about empowerment and what it means to me. My mom and dad speak on how to create empowered children a lot, but personally I do not believe many people understand what it means. This is because I see a lot of children and adults with the mindset of a victim. To […]

  • Dealing with Changes

    Dealing with a major life change is a hard thing for anyone to get through despite support. My family has been wonderful in supporting my husband as we walk into new ground. My children feel safe and secure even though they worry about daddy.

  • Physical Boundaries

    When someone I do not trust pushes my wheelchair without asking, it creates a physical sense of intimacy that is not mutual. It’s not easy to communicate this, so I usually use this analogy: “If you wouldn’t pick up an [able-bodied] woman and hoist her over your shoulder out of the blue, you should probably ask […]

  • My Summer Vacation Plans

    I have been dealing with a lot of pain recently and have decided to focus on the positive if I can for only a few minutes and talk about my summer vacation plans. I have plans to make a lot of new memories. They may not be remembered by me, but they will live on […]

  • This Pain

    What is pain? Pain is knowing that you will never be worth fighting for in life. Pain is knowing that your life is a lie. Pain is reading how much your dad loves you and having him tell you to go find your new daddy. Pain is seeing your mother cry because your dad has […]

  • 5 Ways to Get Cool FAST with a Spinal Cord Injury

    The human body is a marvel. Somehow it ended up with the ability to cool itself via sweat, but when you have a spinal cord injury this ability is turned off. Many are shocked to hear this, but when you have a spinal cord injury, you really can no longer sweat. Not surprisingly, this can […]