Pet Ownership for Those with Disabilities
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Pet Ownership for Those with Disabilities

Owning a pet can bring great joy into your life as well as a…
It's a Wheelchair, Not a Welcome Sign for Missionaries
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It's a Wheelchair, Not a Welcome Sign for Missionaries

I was watching YouTube clips of Louis C.K.'s stand-up the other…
  • Why My Dad is Special to Me

    This week we’re treated with another post by Jessie+Luke‘s oldest daughter Isabella. Hi it’s Isabella! Somebody made me very mad and I would like to tell you about it. I posted a picture on my Instagram account of my dad, me and my boyfriend, and my mom. We were playing together and throwing horseshoes in our backyard […]

  • How to Tell the Story of Injury, From a Writer's Perspective

    If you’d seen me just after my boyfriend’s SUV crashed into a tree and destroyed two of the vertebrae in my spine, you probably wouldn’t have known anything was wrong. I’d been lying across the backseat, sleeping, when the car slipped on ice and began hydroplaning across I-495 E in upstate New York. I was […]

  • Blood Clots and Spinal Cord Injuries

    Blood clots are a serious complication that can arise from dealing with a spinal cord injury. I suffered from two recently and I need to take blood thinners because they are a reoccurring issue for me personally. Blood clots are especially dangerous in paralyzed patients because we are numb. We are not always aware that a […]

  • Pet Ownership for Those with Disabilities

    Owning a pet can bring great joy into your life as well as a good bit of responsibility considering that all living creatures require care and have needs to be met. Nonetheless there is a pet out there fit for everyone if you’re interested in an animal companion. Owning a pet also provides hidden health […]

  • It's a Wheelchair, Not a Welcome Sign for Missionaries

    I was watching YouTube clips of Louis C.K.’s stand-up the other day when I heard a line that made me love the comic even more than I already do:

  • I’ve touched on the stigma of chronic pain in an article previously, as well as the “Super Crip” complex that I’m desperately trying to rid myself of. I have yet to address the stigma of taking medication for said pain though. So many people do not understand how spasticity works. Hell, I’m still learning about […]

  • Standing After Hip Surgery

    Children with cerebral palsy or increased muscle tone can be at higher risk of developing hip issues; their hips may begin to sublux, or progress to dislocation often requiring hip surgery. The whole process of surgery is scary and full of possible complications. But once that is done, returning to previous activities can add another […]

  • Treating My Wheelchair-Using Self to Some Kindness

    The world can be a big scary place, and when you’re on four wheels it can be even scarier. People may treat us nicer because of our disabilities, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to give ourselves a little TLC every now and then.

  • The Power of Words

    This is a tough topic. Do you ever feel like you are a burden because of your disability? Like you don’t deserve to be happy? Do other people ever make you feel that way? It can be tough to tell those people to shove their opinions, and strangers certainly have no problems giving them out. […]

  • Two Things You're Doing Wrong to Friends Facing Serious Medical Issues

    This is a difficult blog for me to write having been on both ends of this situation. I’ve been diagnosed as terminally ill and also have lost so many loved ones to both short and long term illnesses including children. The children are the hardest. To see a life ended so shortly after it has […]

  • How to Explain "Your Story"

    It’s inevitable. Nearly everyone is going to be curious why you use a wheelchair. “Was it something you were born with?” “Did you have an accident?” And the juiciest, most ballsy-ist follow-up question of all, “How did your accident happen?” I just hate it when strangers ask this. Only friends are allowed to ask this […]

  • Technicolor Dreams in a Black and White World

    Sometimes I dream of the perfect blog post. And then I wake up.

  • Personal and Family Goals

    Personal and family goals are a part of daily life in our home, so much so that they are on display to remind us of what we strive to achieve daily. It’s harder to ignore something or put it out of your mind when you see them displayed around your house. Some of our family […]