A Wheelchair-User’s Bucket List

It's not very often a wheelchair-user gets the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone to experience the excitement and adventure of an activity just like everyone else. There are a lucky handful who make this a daily occurrence, but for most of the wheelchair-users of this world, it just [..}

Accessible travel for wheelchair users

Chairless in Arizona

It has been a busier travel season this spring and my luck ran out on my trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. My colleague Mark and I were going to the National Seating and Mobility (NSM) annual sales meeting to show our products to all the Rehab Technology Suppliers (RTS) and educate them on the finer [..}

EasyStand Standing Frame Showcased at Rehab Industry Tradeshows

The Flight of the Phoenix

Once a year I look forward to attending an industry tradeshow and demonstrating our standers to booth visitors. This year I was off to the National Seating and Mobility (NSM) Annual Seating Symposium in Arizona, and when some friends of mine told me that one of my guitar students (from twenty [..}

Successful Vent Dependent Quad that Uses Standing Frame

Podcast #85: A vent? No big

In episode #85 of No Free Rides, I'm joined by Jenni Taylor, a positively fabulous woman from Minnesota, who's a C1-C2 vent-dependent quadriplegic and the former Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2011. At 25, she's had more deeper life experiences than anyone I've ever had on the show. [..}

College Life - Studying Abroad With A Disability

Can’t Study Abroad? Make A Documentary

Having your dreams of studying abroad dashed is something many college wheelchair-users have had to go through (me included), but it has finally happened to the wrong dude. Reid Davenport, a senior at George Washington University (GWU) with cerebral palsy, is channeling his anger into something [..}

Jennifer Longdon - Disability Advocate

Podcast – Jennifer Longdon, An Advocate With Heart

In episode #81 of No Free Rides, I am joined by Jennifer Longdon, a fighter of a paraplegic. Hear her take on everything from accessible realty and passe attitudes toward disabilities, to bringing diversity to Project Runway. Jennifer Longdon is an amazing woman who found herself [..}

Disability Podcast Deep Sea Diving

No Free Rides Podcast: Under The Sea With Disabled Diver Brian Walker

In episode #79 of disability podcast No Free Rides, I am joined by C5-6 quadriplegic diver Brian Walker, an ex-US Air Force man who’s been on over 40 dives in the past two years. [..}

accessible bathroom

Making Hotel Bathrooms Safe for Transfers

I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel waiting for a taxi when Bob, the General Manager of Freedom Designs (a sister company)  asked whether the hotel room was accessible and fit my needs. Bob and I are often at the same tradeshows and he has come to understand my needs due to long hours together [..}


International Travel for Wheelchair Users

Craig and I are lucky to have visited several wonderful international destinations, but our wish list is long and we're still newbies at accessible international travel ourselves!  We've been to several cities in Mexico, Scotland and England together, and apart we've covered at least another ten [..}