History of EasyStand Standing Frame

Altimate Medical Celebrates 25th Anniversary

We celebrated 25 years of business in July and I wanted to share a bit about our company's interesting history. Like most businesses, Altimate Medical got its start by one person with an idea on how to build a better mousetrap. Alan Tholkes, a quadriplegic for several years, was not happy with [..}

Accessible travel for wheelchair users

Chairless in Arizona

It has been a busier travel season this spring and my luck ran out on my trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. My colleague Mark and I were going to the National Seating and Mobility (NSM) annual sales meeting to show our products to all the Rehab Technology Suppliers (RTS) and educate them on the finer [..}

Givan, EasyStand Distributor, runs a humanity project in Guatemala

Guatemala Project

I met my friend Girvan from Northern Ireland in Early 2001 in the most unlikely place. We both were attending a tradeshow in the country of Luxemburg and we were both staying at the same hotel. The day was long and by the time Andrew (EasyStand International Sales Guru) and I arrived at the hotel we [..}

Inspirational Wheelchair Women

Two Women on Wheels Who Inspire Me

There is no shortage of amazing women in wheelchairs in this world. These strong women have the power to motivate us and meeting one even helped lift my depression in the initial phase of my injury. There are women I’ve known about for years, like Auti Angel and Wendy Crawford, both paralyzed [..}


Stories of the Ugly “First Wheelchair”

This is a guest post by Tiffiny Carlson, writer on Beautyability.com and quadriplegic. Everyone has their “first wheelchair” stories. Getting your first chair can be a hurried thing. Your insurance might not have kicked-in yet, it might have been long ago in a time when wheelchair technology [..}