Adapted Sports for Wheelchair Users

Wild New Wheelchair Sports

What’s your favorite adaptive sport? Wheelchair basketball, quad rugby, mono-skiing? Or are you into the less make-you-sweat sports like adapted pool or archery?  Whatever you're into, there's more than likely a wheelchair version of it. And if there isn‘t one yet, just wait it out a few [..}

Wheelchair Hula Hooping for Kids

Hula Hooping From Your Wheelchair

I always loved hula hooping.  Hula hoops come in a rainbow of colors (including sparkle and glow-in-the-dark), they spin around and round, they have tassels and they look so gosh darn pretty. If you use a wheelchair, you too can get in on the hooping fun.  You don't have to stand up (although hula [..}

Wheelchair Summer Camp Benefits Kids With Disabilities

Wheelchair Summer Camp: Best Thing to Happen to Me

There have been a few big moments that have transformed my outlook on living with a disability (because to be honest; when I was first injured I couldn't find anything that gave me hope). Getting my first power wheelchair after my accident was one of these big deals.  It helped me feel free [..}

Wheelchair Dance For Kids

You Too Can Dance!

Do you use a wheelchair and think dancing is off-limits because you can‘t walk? Wheelchair-users of all levels have been getting in on the fun on the dance floor and you can too. All it takes is getting rid of shyness, a great smile and of course, practice. There are loads of awesome dances and [..}

Adaptive Water Sports For Those With Spinal Cord Injuries

Go Outside Of Your Comfort Zone!

Hello Friends! Yes, whether you have a disability or not, I would be recommending that you go out of your comfort zone, but I am emphasizing it more for my fellow friends with disabilities as well as their parents and/or caretakers. We are becoming too complacent, too sedentary, too use to saying, [..}

Beating the Monotony of Life in a wheelchair

Beating the Monotony of Everyday Life

Let’s face it. Humans have a tendency to get bored fast. Too fast! We think we’re superior to animals when it comes to this all-important personality trait (after all - we are the smartest mammal on the planet), but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t know about you, but there's [..}

Ryan gets all the benefits of standing while having fun helping mom with breakfast in his EasyStand.

20 Fun Activities for Kids to do While Standing…

Keeping kids busy is a full time job and finding fun options for kids with disabilities can be even more challenging.  A great place to start is to find activities your child is interested in and build adaptations from there. This is a collection of ideas from parents, clinicians and teachers on [..}