Research on the health benefits of using standing frames.

Position Change to Facilitate Functional Outcomes

Metabolic Syndrome is the medical consequences of obesity, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol (high levels of triglycerides), type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and several other serious health conditions. This is one of the main reasons the disabled community have poorer general [..}

Pediatric Dynamic Standing Frame, active standing for kids.

Lifting Spirits – Article on Mobile and Dynamic Standing for Kids

It's no secret that kids love to play and move about, and kids with mobility challenges are no exception! A child's desire to play and interact with family or friends should be considered when prescribing a standing program.  Mobile and dynamic standers can open up a world of possibilities for [..}

Donovan Carlson 2

Back To Play – Pediatric Therapy Article

Play - something kids of all ages and abilities enjoy doing.  Donovan is a sixth grader who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he loves to play video games and floor hockey.  Jason Kelecic, DPT at Gillette Children's, explains how standing benefits Donovan (and other kids with Muscular [..}

Using a standing frame stimulates play in kids.

Benefits of a Standing Frame…an ATP’s View

Wheelchair users rely on their wheelchairs for positioning, function, and mobility. Much time is spent on choosing the most appropriate cushion, frame, and accessories. This process typically includes demonstration equipment trials, pressure mapping, and a wheelchair clinic in order to conclude the [..}

Gavin has SMA and stands in the EasyStand Bantam

A Little Boy With a BIG Smile!

I check the EasyStand Facebook page on a daily basis, and just recently a super cute photo of a little boy, with a BIG smile, jumped out at me! It was Gavin using his Bantam stander, his mom Cassie posted the photo and I couldn't resist asking about her son and his standing story. This is what she [..}

Mobile standing frames help kids stay active.

20 Kid-Friendly Activities do to in a Mobile Stander!

Kids love to move!  Many times kids who use a wheelchair for mobility only move while in the seated position, unlike their able-bodied friends who usually move while standing.  Mobile standers like the EasyStand Bantam Mobile allow kids to be independent and explore their environment.  Cool, [..}

Morgans Wonderland accessible amusement park.

Morgan’s Wonderland Accessible Amusement Park!

Morgan's Wonderland is well...wonderful!  It is the world's first ultra accessible family fun amusement park!  You will be in awe of the more than twenty park attraction areas and to top it off, they offer FREE admission to individuals with special needs and only $5-$15 admission for other [..}


Stand Up to Expand Your Mind

Educators are finding that children that have physical activity at school on a regular basis, have fewer disciplinary problems and have a better concentration in class. Also, some schools are experimenting with tall work tables, where students stand to do their school work. This is proving to be [..}

Ryan gets all the benefits of standing while having fun helping mom with breakfast in his EasyStand.

20 Fun Activities for Kids to do While Standing…

Keeping kids busy is a full time job and finding fun options for kids with disabilities can be even more challenging.  A great place to start is to find activities your child is interested in and build adaptations from there. This is a collection of ideas from parents, clinicians and teachers on [..}