Physical Toll Cerebral Palsy has on Parents

The Physical Toll Cerebral Palsy has on Parents

As Long as I’m Able As parents of a child with cerebral palsy, Bryan and I have frequently used the phrase, “as long as I’m able”. We knew we would continue to climb the ladders and go down slides with Roa, carry him up flights of stairs to change his play environment and keep up with his [..}

concussion brain mri

Concussion 101: The Disabling Effects of a Concussion

Concussions have become the latest health topic in the media. How can parents become educated to recognize a concussion, and know where to go for the best care? How do you prevent disabling symptoms from persisting with a concussion? Knowing what to watch for is the best start to preventing [..}


Physical Therapy Must-Have Equipment: EasyStand Bantam

The Bantam as a Bench Necessity is the mother of using equipment for other than its originally intended purpose. When our Early Childhood Education building was being remodeled, things had to be shuffled around and put in storage. We got to play our own little version of the, “If your [..}

Special Education Classroon

From the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services

In August I had the opportunity to hear Michael Yudin, Assistant Secretary for the United States Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS) speak at the PACER center, my local Parent Training and Education Center (PTI). [..}

Special Education Classroom

Special Education: A Parent & Former Teacher’s View

Jennifer Thayer is a former Early Childhood Education Teacher with a unique perspective on kids with special needs. Having taught them in a classroom setting, and now parenting a child requiring special education, she knows both sides of the education system. Below is a re-post from her blog, Rojo's [..}

Stander or Gait Trainer?

Stander or Gait Trainer?

Peanut butter or chocolate? Both! Stander or gait trainer? Both! Perhaps I’m indecisive. Perhaps I’m selfish. Perhaps I just know a good thing when I see it. Unfortunately, as the great philosophers Jagger and Richards wrote, “You can’t always get what you want.” Especially when it [..}


Spotting Seizures

An email arrived from a patient’s parent the other day about her two-year-old child who, “has been having periods of spaciness at school... like she will just look off.... But yesterday she was play play play chatter chatter chatter then bam suddenly super lethargic and tired.... After about 10 [..}

iPad Apps for Special Needs Children

iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs, Part II

Three years have passed since Apple first revealed the iPad in April 2010. In that short time, four major product updates have been released, the smaller iPad Mini was introduced, and countless apps have been added to the app store. Since it has been a few years since our original iPad Apps post, we [..}

Information About being labeled Special Education

“Labeled” Special Education

“So what happens when she turns three? Some other parents say I might not want her placed in Special Education, because it’s so hard to get out once you’re in.” Oh, NO. My heart sinks. Who is saying these THINGS? I assured this mother that there are certainly avenues parents can take if [..}


It’s All About You

After my program recently moved to a new location, some of our favorite sayings were hung in new places. Looking up from my desk, for instance, I see, “No one cares how much you know.” Don’t worry, that’s not the whole saying, just the result of unfortunate bulletin board placement. The full [..}