wheelchair dog walking

3 Ultimate Wheelchair Dog Walking Solutions

We all know a big part of being a responsible dog owner is taking your dog out for a walk. But it's not that easy from a seated position, and on four wheels at that.  And the fact that most dogs aren't bright enough to stay away from your wheels so the leash doesn't get caught up doesn't help. [..}

Life with a Disability Isn't Worth Living

The Misguided Notion That Life with a Disability Isn’t Worth Living

I've always admired the lone individual who has the courage to say something when no one else can, and that certain someone is Richard Senelick, a writer whose article yesterday in The Atlantic, Reconciling Life and Quadriplegia, touched on a subject that's been bugging me since it was the subject [..}

Quadriplegic cooking techniques

Quadriplegic Cooking Techniques: Perfecting my Skills, Sans Fingers

Growing up, my mom was always in the kitchen cooking. It really was the heart of the home, and it still is whenever you go over there.  Just the other day it was chicken rice soup and fresh bread day. She is the happiest when she's cooking, and I do believe I have a little bit of that in me as [..}

Successful PCA Relationship -Laugh

Humor: The Key to a Successful PCA Relationship

I’m a fun guy who likes to have fun. That said, I’ve always considered myself the most in my element and at my very best when I’m cracking jokes and making people laugh, and vice versa. It’s always come easy for me and it’s pretty much my my happy place. There’s nothing better than [..}


Finally! An Indoor/Outdoor Trackchair

A Tank Chair to Take Home to Mom Brand new tankchair technology from NANO-WEB -  Nano Optonics Energy - recently showed their UNiMO, a caterpillar-tracked all-terrain wheelchair at the International Robotics Exhibition in Toyko, and holy cow you guys - these folks have finally made what I've [..}

How I Roll: Wheelchair How-to Site

A Site for 'Green' Paraplegics The brainchild of Jacob, a 30 year old paraplegic and lifer resident from West Palm Beach, Florida, HowIRoll.com, founded in 2011, may be in the running for one of the coolest wheelchair how-to sites ever.  If you're a paraplegic and have always wanted to learn [..}

Podcast #101 – Quadriplegic Poet Travis Laurence Naught

Our very first poet on the show, Tiffiny is joined by Travis Laurence Naught, author of the book The Virgin Journals, a memoir of his 20's on the topics of sex and disability; a fascinating look at one man's journey. Travis discusses his disability and living way past doctor's expectations, how he [..}

Finding Good PCAs

The Tiring, Neverending Quest of Finding Good PCAs

If you are in need of regular help from PCAs, you may know a thing or two about how difficult it is to find good people. You hear it from everyone who hires people, from corporations and hospitals to mom and pop ice cream shops, and this year out of all my years of being paralyzed, I must say, this [..}

stephen cluskey irish quad determined to provide accessible transport to all

Podcast #100 – Stephen Cluskey, Providing Accessible Transport for All

Born and raised in the Dublin area, Stephen shares his awesome story of survival. Injured when he was 18 in a fall, the now 29-year-old is about to receive his business degree, which is incredibly apropos considering he just launched a website to help people with disabilities find accessible taxis [..}

Bladder Botox Injections

Bladder Botox Injections: How It’s Working So Far

Nothing is angrier than a neurogenic bladder. Sure, the legs and muscles really dislike being paralyzed, but the bladder...oh it takes the cake. The bladder was not created to be paralyzed, even in the slightest. [..}