Resources for Fathers of Special Needs Children

Involving Dads In The Life Of Their Special Needs Child

Fathers play an important role in their child's development. Research studies show that dads not only challenge their children to do more, but also help build language skills. Many dads have wonderful relationships with their children. But some dads have difficulty connecting with their child who [..}

Win An Accessible Playground!

Give your community the magic of play! Enter this essay contest and you could win a universal accessible playground in your neighborhood. What a wonderful opportunity to create a place where kids of all abilities can play together and meet new friends! Visit the [..}

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Smiles Help Tell the EasyStand Product Story

It always seems that the most challenging aspect of creating a new catalog is what photo feature on the front cover, and this year was no exception. With our focus on the new pediatric stander, the EasyStand Bantam, we knew that wanted to make it center stage on our catalog cover. After many [..}

Ryan gets all the benefits of standing while having fun helping mom with breakfast in his EasyStand.

20 Fun Activities for Kids to do While Standing…

Keeping kids busy is a full time job and finding fun options for kids with disabilities can be even more challenging.  A great place to start is to find activities your child is interested in and build adaptations from there. This is a collection of ideas from parents, clinicians and teachers on [..}

Playing while standing stimulates interaction, development, and fun.

Standing to Stimulate Play!

Often we talk about what standing does for the body, but what is commonly overlooked, is what standing does for the mind. Standing is especially important for the mental development of the children with disabilities. When I talk to pediatric therapists, they appreciate and understand first-hand how [..}