The best way to see how assistive technology will work for your staff and your kids is to try it, by getting an in-service thru a local supplier.

Schools: Understand Benefits of Buying Assistive Technology Locally

Are you a PT, OT, or paraprofessional working at a school?  Or maybe you are a special ed teacher or buyer? Even if you are the principal or the janitor, you may be interested in what I am about to tell you.  This is not a secret or new information.  In fact, we have been trying to help connect [..}

adjusting footplates on EasyStand Evolv

Hands-On Standing Workshop at ISS

EasyStand and Permobil will be joining forces to present a workshop for therapists and complex rehab suppliers at the International Seating Symposium in Nashville TN on March 3rd. The Symposium alternates between Canada and the United States every year, and is regarded as the leading continuing [..}

easytand bantam stander

Standing Activity: Sleeping?

I have heard of people falling asleep in their stander and here is proof!  Max's mom, Deana said Max snoozed for about ten minutes in his EasyStand Bantam after a grueling Monday of school and physical therapy. I guess that means he was pretty relaxed? I think this is awesome progress, [..}

Jill & Suzanne

Communication and the Therapy Situation

A group of therapists from one of the Twin Cities’ pediatric specialty hospitals with satellite clinics serving the larger metro area recently organized a meet and greet for the school and pediatric clinical therapists in the community. It was nice to see the faces of the caring professionals [..}

ankle foot orthosis

Brace Yourselves! The Role of Orthotics in Standing Programs

Stander use is beneficial for promoting good posture and skeletal alignment as well as decreasing spasticity. Orthotic intervention is also frequently done with these same objectives in mind. Because even the best standers are not able to provide the full trunk and distal extremity support some [..}

Margaret - Andy

Standing in Developmental Centers (Video)

Often the elderly are overlooked for a standing program, but it can greatly improve their quality of life.  People who live in long-term care centers, developmental centers, or nursing homes can benefit from an ongoing standing program. Here is a video case study about a woman I met in New [..}

Heather Handstand in my prime

Looking in the Mirror

I was newly injured and beside myself with changes.  I was choking on everything I had to swallow…literally and hypothetically speaking.  There was so much commotion going on as a result of my spinal cord injury, I couldn’t focus on one thing.  I was worried about where I would live, who [..}


Memories of Rehab Past

My weekly yoga class meets in one of the biggest physical rehab places in Minnesota. It seems that everyone with a disability who even lives remotely close to it has gone there at least once in their life. That’s because they do it all - sports, rehab, classes, stuff for kids. You name it, they [..}

Ian Spina Bifida wheelChair

Superhero with Spina Bifida

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month, so we thought we would share the story of our little friend who has Spina Bifida.  Meet "Incredible Ian" a little boy who we met recently at a photo shoot in White Bear Lake, MN.  He has been standing since he was two, and he currently uses an EasyStand [..}

Jenni cat

Standing with Cats

I have been using my stander 2 to 3 times a week. Every time is different with how many degrees I'm able to get up to. My goal every time is 90°. In the past couple months though, I haven't been able to get up past 60 or 70°. And it usually takes me about half an hour to get there. My body just [..}