EasyStand Active Standing Glider

Standing Up: Healthy and Confident!

"I wanted to send you a picture of me standing up and confident! I was off my feet and in a wheelchair from August 30th, 2006 up until I received your Glider on my birthday October 16th, 2009, then I started standing upright. Since January of 2010, I'm very happy to say, I've been using your [..}

Max standing frame EasyStand ipad

iStand and Play iPad: Wordless Wednesday

Don't just stand there, do something fun like Max!  He stands in his EasyStand Bantam while playing the "Magic Piano" app on his mom and dad's iPad! To read more about the fun things Max does while standing, check out his EasyStand customer story or blog.  You can also read more about iPad apps [..}