iPad Apps for Special Needs Children

iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs, Part II

Three years have passed since Apple first revealed the iPad in April 2010. In that short time, four major product updates have been released, the smaller iPad Mini was introduced, and countless apps have been added to the app store. Since it has been a few years since our original iPad Apps post, we [..}

Back to School Resources for Special Needs Families

Back to School Guide for Special Needs Families

Our kids will be back to school before we know it. Plan for your child's school year now with articles for parents, teacher resources, explaining your child's disability to teachers plus other resources like visual supports, social stories, school rules and more. Forward this link to other special [..}

Max standing frame EasyStand ipad

iStand and Play iPad: Wordless Wednesday

Don't just stand there, do something fun like Max!  He stands in his EasyStand Bantam while playing the "Magic Piano" app on his mom and dad's iPad! To read more about the fun things Max does while standing, check out his EasyStand customer story or blog.  You can also read more about iPad apps [..}

Magic Piano App is fun for kids of all abilities and ages...

iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs

UPDATE: Please check out our follow up post, "iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs, Part II" for a more recent list of the best apps for children with special needs! The iPad has gotten a lot of people excited. There are many different ways an iPad can be used as a tool for educators and [..}