Sara Tabor

Podcast: Sara Tabor – Ms. Sled Hockey & New NYC Resident

In podcast #93, I am joined by Sara Tabor, a 30 something woman paralyzed 4 years ago in a bizarre accident, who went on to discover a new sport post-injury (where females are still the minority) – sled hockey.

We talk about her injury to the very last section of the spinal cord (a section of the cord a lot of people don’t know about) and how the incomplete nature of it (being able to walk short distances) has affected her life. Read more

EasyStand Bantam at table

Special Needs Families: Relatives and Holidays

Special needs families are far from typical. So why do we try to be that perfect “Norman Rockwell” family during holiday get-togethers? Tell yourself right now that you and your family are going to enjoy the holidays in your own way and at your own pace. Stop worrying about what others think and make the holidays meaningful for your child with special needs. Here are holiday issues that might come up and some creative ideas to make it work for your family. Read more