Integrated Dance for Wheelchair Users

Podcast 89: Judith Smith – Artistic Director of AXIS Dance

In podcast 89, I am joined by Judith Smith, the artistic director of AXIS Dance Company. She is a C6 quad from a car accident in 1977 and moved on to a life of dance after her injury, much to her own surprise (she was into horse riding growing up, definitely not dance). We discuss her journey, [..}

Push Girls Realty TV a Male Perspective of the Show

Push Girls…the Male Perspective

Hello Friends! For the past month, my wife, Pratiksha, and I have thoroughly enjoyed Sundance Channel’s new reality television program, “Push Girls.” It is about four women who are friends, live in California, and by the way, use wheelchairs to navigate their lives. It is a reality show that [..}

Push Girls - Reality TV Series helps those with spinal cord injuries

Push Girls: Reality TV Finally Finds Us

Push Girls premiered last Monday, the new reality show on the Sundance channel profiling four "hot babes" in wheelchairs. As a babe in a wheelchair myself (hey I've been called that), this show is the televised messiah I’ve been waiting for. The show's premise - showing the world that you can [..}

Wheelchair Summer Camp Benefits Kids With Disabilities

Wheelchair Summer Camp: Best Thing to Happen to Me

There have been a few big moments that have transformed my outlook on living with a disability (because to be honest; when I was first injured I couldn't find anything that gave me hope). Getting my first power wheelchair after my accident was one of these big deals.  It helped me feel free [..}

Wheelchairs users unknowingly inspire others

Being an Inspiration – Even When You Don’t Know It

Who did you look up to most when you were little?  Was it your big brother or sister doing all the cool stuff you wanted to do? Or was it some TV celebrity you tried to emulate? Either way, there's always someone out there we attained to be like, and we still do this as adults. In the disability [..}

Paralysis and Suicide - Disability Community

When To Intervene, When To Understand

I never like posting depressing blogs, but ever since I heard about the suicide of a 31 year old quadriplegic form New Jersey, I haven’t been able to think of anything else. She broke her neck in a diving accident several years ago and recently passed after refusing food and medication. [..}

Dealing With those who don't understand your disability.

Hangin’ Tough

They say everyone with a disability has the responsibility of creating their own layer of “you can’t hurt me” skin. It’s a must when you live in a world of humans, where no one is perfect and even a loved one can flub up and say hurtful things. It may sound pessimistic, but when you have a [..}

Benefits of standing and standing frame activities.

Why Do You Stand? Please Give Us Your Thoughts…

When you have a wheelchair, it is obvious what it is for and what you do with it. When someone is using a stander for a standing program, the reasons they give for standing can vary greatly. Sometimes the obvious reason may not be the main reason why that specific individual participates. For [..}