Life After Spinal Cord Injury Video Shoot

Lights, Camera, Action – Joe Stone Shoot

Joe Stone is an active C7 quadriplegic with a passion for outdoor sports, health and nutrition. One of his goals is to train hard and become the first quadriplegic to compete in a triathlon, as part of that goal he recently completed a 105 mile handcycle trek and is currently working on a video [..}

Standing frame success sotry

My Friend Dave Helmuth

Dave Helmuth recently came to our offices in Morton, Minnesota for a photo shoot in one of our EasyStand products. This got me thinking, I thought back to the first time I met Dave. It was several years ago, when my wife and I pulled up to a transmission shop in Willmar. A handsome gray haired [..}

Wheelchair Dance For Kids

You Too Can Dance!

Do you use a wheelchair and think dancing is off-limits because you can‘t walk? Wheelchair-users of all levels have been getting in on the fun on the dance floor and you can too. All it takes is getting rid of shyness, a great smile and of course, practice. There are loads of awesome dances and [..}

Inspirational Wheelchair Women

Two Women on Wheels Who Inspire Me

There is no shortage of amazing women in wheelchairs in this world. These strong women have the power to motivate us and meeting one even helped lift my depression in the initial phase of my injury. There are women I’ve known about for years, like Auti Angel and Wendy Crawford, both paralyzed [..}

Resources for Spinal Cord Injury

Why New Injuries Have It Better Than We Did

When I found myself a new quadriplegic in 1993, I was told the resources and equipment available to me were the best yet. And they were…for 1993. But that was 18 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. People finding themselves injured now have access to so much more, from better treatment [..}

Importance of Complex Rehab Technologies Video

NCART Video – Complex Rehab Technologies, What Is It?

To family, friends and acquaintances who are outside of the Complex Rehab Technology industry: For over 25 years, I have had the privilege to work in an industry that creates products that improve the lifestyles and livelihoods of those who are unable to stand or walk- simple things that many of us [..}

Paraplegic transfers and stands

Video Blogger Shows Quick Assembly of EasyStand Evolv

At industry trade shows we have the ability to meet some of our customers face-to-face, a rewarding experience indeed.  At the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Angulo, a video blogger, dad of three, EasyStand Evolv user, and paraplegic following a motorcycle [..}

Top 10 Disability Video Blog Posts

Who doesn't like a good video?!?! I always enjoy reading blog posts that include a funny, informative or touching video. Here are my picks for the Top 10 Video Blog Posts on the EasyStand Blog.  Enjoy! YouTube - The 10 Commandments of Life in a Wheelchair Inspirational Video about Father [..}