The Lonely World of Special Needs Parenting

Only Human The ad in the paper reads “Girls Night Out”. Special promotions, door prizes, dinner  specials for you and all your gal pals. Sounds like fun!  If I only had some pals. I used to have friends. High school, college, even through my years as a teacher I had numerous comrades. Yet, [..}

Jessie + Luke

Introducing Jessie + Luke!

Hello world out there, it's nice to meet you! We would like to introduce ourselves to you before we bore you with my wife's incessant chatting and wealth of useless knowledge that you may actually appreciate. [..}

Special Needs Pets Cat

Pets: A Special Needs Mom’s Best Friend

Fur, Fin, or Feathers I listen to the sounds of Roa’s wild giggling coming from the living room as I finish brushing my teeth and getting ready to start the day. Sigh…so nice to not feel quite so rushed with the need to get there for my boys. Gunnar is pretty self-sufficient, gifted with the [..}

snow cold cerebral palsy winter wonderland

Snow, Cold, and Cerebral Palsy

Through my eyes, the weather outside is frightful. Through Roa’s eyes, it’s a winter wonderland! I don’t want to be negative about the snow. For goodness sakes, we live in Minnesota!  I love to frolic in the white stuff- sledding, snowmen, and snow angels. Yet frolicking isn’t quite the [..}


Perfect Bath Chair for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Rub a dub dub, we all need the tub. Yet for some of us bathing is not an easy task.  Children with physical disabilities need to be bathed while still getting a chance to splash and play in the tub just like any other child. [..}

Life with a Disability Isn't Worth Living

The Misguided Notion That Life with a Disability Isn’t Worth Living

I've always admired the lone individual who has the courage to say something when no one else can, and that certain someone is Richard Senelick, a writer whose article yesterday in The Atlantic, Reconciling Life and Quadriplegia, touched on a subject that's been bugging me since it was the subject [..}

Planning for future accessibility needs

Planning for Future Accessibility Needs

Mirror, Mirror on the wall… can I request a crystal ball? If only it was that easy to see into the future and tell what Roa’s needs will be when he is age 10 or 18 or 25.  Will he be wheelchair-bound the majority of his day?   A power chair or will he manage his manual with independence? [..}

Quadriplegic cooking techniques

Quadriplegic Cooking Techniques: Perfecting my Skills, Sans Fingers

Growing up, my mom was always in the kitchen cooking. It really was the heart of the home, and it still is whenever you go over there.  Just the other day it was chicken rice soup and fresh bread day. She is the happiest when she's cooking, and I do believe I have a little bit of that in me as [..}

Physical Toll Cerebral Palsy has on Parents

The Physical Toll Cerebral Palsy has on Parents

As Long as I’m Able As parents of a child with cerebral palsy, Bryan and I have frequently used the phrase, “as long as I’m able”. We knew we would continue to climb the ladders and go down slides with Roa, carry him up flights of stairs to change his play environment and keep up with his [..}

parenting from a wheelchair

Parenting from a Wheelchair

As a child, do you remember telling your parents what you would do different when you are a parent? I used to tell my parents, "I'm going to let my kids stay up as late as they want. I'm not going to feed vegetables to my kids." What I thought was going to be awesome parenting turned out to be just [..}