The Importance of a Name

The Importance of a Name

What’s in a Name? A newborn name is researched, discussed, and carefully selected.  A toddler’s nickname is lovingly given through character and personality traits.  Teenager’s go through a time of self-discovery and pick the name they most identify with.  Adulthood gives you the opening [..}

Personal Care Assistants for those with disabilities.

Dealing With the Set in Their Ways PCA

As this blog has covered off and on, many people like myself who have a disability require the assistance of personal care assistants (PCAs) to help with our personal cares throughout the day. For better or worse it just comes with the lifestyle. And as I once wrote, good help is hard to find as far [..}

Positive Attitudes During Pediatric Physical Therapy

My Four-Letter Word

It happens every once in a while. Just your ordinary therapy session in progress when one word elicits an over-the-top theatrical wide-eyed gasp, disbelieving, as the hand comes up to the mouth just before the words escape. “WHAT?! What did you just say?! I’m sorry, but we don’t use that kind [..}

Dealing With those who don't understand your disability.

Hangin’ Tough

They say everyone with a disability has the responsibility of creating their own layer of “you can’t hurt me” skin. It’s a must when you live in a world of humans, where no one is perfect and even a loved one can flub up and say hurtful things. It may sound pessimistic, but when you have a [..}

How Do You Deal With Overly-Friendly Strangers?

Everyone has their own unique reaction when they see someone in a wheelchair. Some will look away and avoid eye-contact. Others will stare open-mouthed like you’re a zoo animal. And then you have the folks who get creeped out when they see a wheelchair, whether it reminds them of their own [..}

Prescribing standing frames on an individual basis.

Whose Responsible?

A while back I spoke with a nurse case manager about the need for a stander for her client. After a lengthy discussion about the individual’s medical justification; the nurse case manager informed me that standers turned into coat racks, and thus this payer program should not cover them. Further [..}

Advice For Teens With Disabilities

Coaching Kids With Disabilities

Hello Friends! Hope you are all enjoying your summer. For the past ten years I have been a life coach to many people, with and without disabilities, including kids ranging from ages 9-18. Whether you have a disability or not, these are critical years when it comes to personal development. What I [..}

Karly Uses Technology to Communicate

Karly is a young woman with Rett Syndrome. Since she is unable to speak, she uses her blog "Inspired By Love" as a way to communicate. Karly is a passionate writer, who has the ability to draw you into her world using only words. She says, "I love to write. I am entering some of my writings into [..}