Keeping Our Marriage Strong

Keeping Our Marriage Strong

I’ve been married just over two years now. It’s been a very rocky road with all of our combined health issues, raising a teen, adopting a toddler, and attempting to expand our family once again. How does all of that even happen in two years? It’s been crazy! How do we make it work with all of the craziness? Communication, taking time for our marriage, and being supportive. Read more

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown in the Land of CP

“Hey, Roa!  I’m so glad you’re home!”, I say as the school bus ramp is lowered.

Instantly, I get “the lip”.  What is the lip, you ask?  Well Roa has a way of protruding his lower lip and giving you the saddest eyes you have ever seen when he has an issue.

What’s the problem?” I ask.  Yet he can’t tell me.  Not verbally at least.  I go through the rundown of possible problems and offer him my thumbs for him to grab if I state the correct problem.  Sometimes I guess right.  Other times, my inability to identify the crisis leads to a sorrowful cry and tears a flowing. Read more

Positive Attitudes During Pediatric Physical Therapy

My Four-Letter Word

It happens every once in a while. Just your ordinary therapy session in progress when one word elicits an over-the-top theatrical wide-eyed gasp, disbelieving, as the hand comes up to the mouth just before the words escape. “WHAT?! What did you just say?! I’m sorry, but we don’t use that kind of language here.” And what triggers this response? A dirty, filthy, four-letter word. “Can’t.”

That word has no place around me. Say, “You’re crazy,” say, “This is hard,” say, “I’ll try, but I’m not sure what will happen,” but never ever say, “I can’t.” Read more

Prescribing standing frames on an individual basis.

Who’s Responsible When Funding is Denied?

A while back I spoke with a nurse case manager about the need for a stander for her client. After a lengthy discussion about the individual’s medical justification; the nurse case manager informed me that standers turned into coat racks, and thus this payer program should not cover them. Further into my conversation with the nurse case manager, I found out that she had run into the “coat rack” situation one time on a home visit. There was no medical reasoning for the client not using the stander just that the client didn’t get around to it. This one incident of poor follow through, by one client, had a profound effect on the nurse case manager’s thoughts and decisions about standers for all of her clients. Read more