broken bone prevention for children with mobility impairments

Broken Bone Prevention for Children with Mobility Impairments

Broken Bones Break My Heart I was talking to one of my OT friends about a student we used to share. He is an elementary-age boy who has the most sparkling eyes and brilliant smile, but who has missed weeks of school, weeks of instruction, weeks of fun, weeks of social interactions, and who has [..}

wheelchair dog walking

3 Ultimate Wheelchair Dog Walking Solutions

We all know a big part of being a responsible dog owner is taking your dog out for a walk. But it's not that easy from a seated position, and on four wheels at that.  And the fact that most dogs aren't bright enough to stay away from your wheels so the leash doesn't get caught up doesn't help. [..}


Perfect Bath Chair for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Rub a dub dub, we all need the tub. Yet for some of us bathing is not an easy task.  Children with physical disabilities need to be bathed while still getting a chance to splash and play in the tub just like any other child. [..}

Physical Toll Cerebral Palsy has on Parents

The Physical Toll Cerebral Palsy has on Parents

As Long as I’m Able As parents of a child with cerebral palsy, Bryan and I have frequently used the phrase, “as long as I’m able”. We knew we would continue to climb the ladders and go down slides with Roa, carry him up flights of stairs to change his play environment and keep up with his [..}


Finally! An Indoor/Outdoor Trackchair

A Tank Chair to Take Home to Mom Brand new tankchair technology from NANO-WEB -  Nano Optonics Energy - recently showed their UNiMO, a caterpillar-tracked all-terrain wheelchair at the International Robotics Exhibition in Toyko, and holy cow you guys - these folks have finally made what I've [..}


Physical Therapy Must-Have Equipment: EasyStand Bantam

The Bantam as a Bench Necessity is the mother of using equipment for other than its originally intended purpose. When our Early Childhood Education building was being remodeled, things had to be shuffled around and put in storage. We got to play our own little version of the, “If your [..}

Standing Device Funding Guide - EasyStand Bantam

NCART Releases Standing Device Funding Guide

With over hundreds of research studies on standing and weight bearing you would think that both private and public healthcare payer sources would fund Standing Devices without a second thought. Unfortunately, in today’s ever shrinking insurance coverage and payment arena that is not the case. In [..}

Stander or Gait Trainer?

Stander or Gait Trainer?

Peanut butter or chocolate? Both! Stander or gait trainer? Both! Perhaps I’m indecisive. Perhaps I’m selfish. Perhaps I just know a good thing when I see it. Unfortunately, as the great philosophers Jagger and Richards wrote, “You can’t always get what you want.” Especially when it [..}


With Cerebral Palsy, Less Is More

We are residents of Minnesota.  But the Thayer family will also live an eternity in Cerebral Palsy Land.  That is what I, not-so- lovingly, refer to it as. This world of brain injury we deal with daily. [..}

Video Blog Episode 01: Staying Active After a Spinal Cord Injury

Matthew Tilford discusses how he stays active post-SCI, and offers advice for how those that are newly injured can do the same. [..}