Magic Piano App is fun for kids of all abilities and ages...

iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs

UPDATE: Please check out our follow up post, "iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs, Part II" for a more recent list of the best apps for children with special needs! The iPad has gotten a lot of people excited. There are many different ways an iPad can be used as a tool for educators and [..}


What Drives People to Stand? (Beyond Medical Reasons)

  Recently I was confined to a window seat in the back row of an airplane after a long week of work, and I wanted to stand up and stretch. I opted not to because it would've in-convenienced the guy next to me who looked tired and on top of that he didn't speak my language. With a few hours [..}


Wordless Wednesday: Rise and Shine!

Ryan stands each morning while eating (or cooking) breakfast.  To learn more about Ryan and how his mom helps him work standing and other activities into his day check out his customer story or video. [..}


Using Online Tools and Resources for Special Needs Information

Do you use the Internet for research? I am sure you do. What do you use to find resources for caring for your special needs child? The Internet is full of information, but you need to know what resources work and how to use those resources. Here are some tips on a few of the tools you could [..}

Max's mom makes standing more fun with a Mylar blanket!

Twitter Connects: Monster Max and the Bantam Stander

Last summer, I opened a Twitter account to see what it was all about.  At first, I did not get it. It seemed like meaningless chatter, random thoughts that were coming at me too fast to comprehend.  Somewhere along the line, it clicked.  I began to follow people that I thought would also be [..}

Sara goes to school and uses her EasyStand Bantam to sit and stand throughout the day.  Click on this photo to see a video about Sara and her caring school staff.

Conventional School or Home School for your Special Needs Child

Being the parent of a Special Needs child, you want to make sure they get the right amount of needed activity and learning. The right curriculum for your child’s education plays an important role in this. What if you want to play a more direct role in your child’s education [..}

Use School Stimulus Funds for Assistive Technology (while you still can)

School therapists, are you aware that federal stimulus funds may be available for adaptive equipment like standing frames through 2010? Your school could have the opportunity to get adaptive equipment for your classroom through the Economic Stimulus Package. As a therapist in education, it is [..}


It Takes a Team to Get a Stander

So…your physician has given you the okay for you to start a standing program. Now it is time for you to gather your “team” who will help you determine what standing device fits your needs and work through the justification process with your payer. Your team should consist of one or more [..}

The importance of having someone who truly understands you

As I’ve mentioned before, I was 14 when I had my diving accident. While it’s never fun to get injured at any age, I’m pretty sure the cusp of teenagedom is be one of worst ages to get injured at. At 14, you care way too much what people think, you’re already trying to figure out who you [..}

Your Voice in Every Page of Your Child’s IEP

"It is sometimes difficult to entirely understand an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), to weed though the professional rhetoric and jargon in order to see exactly where and how your child fits. Many parents defer to the words and opinions of the teachers and service providers at the table. [..}