Gavin has SMA and stands in the EasyStand Bantam

A Little Boy With a BIG Smile!

I check the EasyStand Facebook page on a daily basis, and just recently a super cute photo of a little boy, with a BIG smile, jumped out at me! It was Gavin using his Bantam stander, his mom Cassie posted the photo and I couldn't resist asking about her son and his standing story. This is what she [..}

easystand bantam stander

Making Products that Make a Difference

I recently got an email from a Physical Therapist that made my day. Now, I am sharing it with you, because maybe the EasyStand Bantam could make a difference in your child's quality of life too. I am a physical therapist working with a 14-year old young lady who is now trying the EasyStand Bantam [..}

easytand bantam stander

Standing Activity: Sleeping?

I have heard of people falling asleep in their stander and here is proof!  Max's mom, Deana said Max snoozed for about ten minutes in his EasyStand Bantam after a grueling Monday of school and physical therapy. I guess that means he was pretty relaxed? I think this is awesome progress, [..}

Ian Spina Bifida wheelChair

Superhero with Spina Bifida

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month, so we thought we would share the story of our little friend who has Spina Bifida.  Meet "Incredible Ian" a little boy who we met recently at a photo shoot in White Bear Lake, MN.  He has been standing since he was two, and he currently uses an EasyStand [..}

easystand bantam standing frame

Chayton Using his Muscles! Wordless Wednesday

Here is Chayton standing in the EasyStand Bantam - and pushing with all his might! See more great pictures from our photo shoot last week on the EasyStand Flickr page. [..}

standing frame EasyStand

Standing Helps Lauren to Eat

Meet Lauren!  Here is what Lauren's mom, Camilla, shared with us via the EasyStand Facebook page about Lauren and her rare diagnosis of Pallister-Killian Mosaic Syndrome: Lauren was born on March 10, 2006. She has had seizures since birth. She spent some time at Riley Hospital for Children in [..}

Max standing frame EasyStand ipad

iStand and Play iPad: Wordless Wednesday

Don't just stand there, do something fun like Max!  He stands in his EasyStand Bantam while playing the "Magic Piano" app on his mom and dad's iPad! To read more about the fun things Max does while standing, check out his EasyStand customer story or blog.  You can also read more about iPad apps [..}


Wordless Wednesday: Rise and Shine!

Ryan stands each morning while eating (or cooking) breakfast.  To learn more about Ryan and how his mom helps him work standing and other activities into his day check out his customer story or video. [..}

Max's mom makes standing more fun with a Mylar blanket!

Twitter Connects: Monster Max and the Bantam Stander

Last summer, I opened a Twitter account to see what it was all about.  At first, I did not get it. It seemed like meaningless chatter, random thoughts that were coming at me too fast to comprehend.  Somewhere along the line, it clicked.  I began to follow people that I thought would also be [..}

Fitting Chayton in Bantam Stander (Video)

Fitting a child in the EasyStand Bantam stander is easy.  As Nancy and Laura demonstrate, a few simple measurements can help you get the stander set up specifically for your child. Adjustments shown include footplates, seat depth, tray height and angle, chest vest, and usage of the Pow'r Up [..}