special needs baking

Holiday Baking for Kids with Special Needs

It is the time of the year where many parties and gatherings occur! If you have a tradition of baking at this time of the year, remember to involve the kids in what you make. You might be surprised at how therapeutic baking can be for kids with special needs! At our house we make gingerbread people [..}

accessible sledding

Guaranteed Winter Fun: Accessible Sledding

Nothing is more magical than whizzing down a snowy hill with the wind in your face, and the cool part, almost anyone can do it. All it takes is a sled, a snow-covered hill, and the need for speed. You don’t even have to stand up! For kids with disabilities, they can easily join in on the fun. [..}

shaving cream art

Shaving Cream Art for Kids

There are so many fun projects you and your child can do with a can of inexpensive shaving cream (you can get a can for around $1). Remember to always have patience and encourage your child or students with special needs to do as much as they can on their own. Here are a few activities that kids of [..}

Capable Kids Clubhouse Coloring and Activity Book

Free “Capable Kids” Coloring Book!

Months in the making, but one of our most fun projects to date... The new Capable Kids Clubhouse Coloring and Activity Book features fun, educational activities for parents and teachers to do with kids of all abilities. Here are just a few examples: Make a Volcano with Hope Print and [..}

Morgans Wonderland accessible amusement park.

Morgan’s Wonderland Accessible Amusement Park!

Morgan's Wonderland is well...wonderful!  It is the world's first ultra accessible family fun amusement park!  You will be in awe of the more than twenty park attraction areas and to top it off, they offer FREE admission to individuals with special needs and only $5-$15 admission for other [..}

Leaf art projects that kids of all abilities can do while standing.

5 Fun Autumn Leaf Art Projects

Autumn is here!  It is a time to enjoy taking a breath of the crisp fresh air, harvest the colorful fields and gardens, and send the kids off to school.  In many parts of the country, the leaves have begun to float from the trees and cover the ground.  Why not use these leaves to create some [..}

adapted yoga

Get stretching, get happy with yoga

Maybe you’ve heard of the term “yoga” before, but do you know what it‘s all about? Is it just stretching on a mat? Twisting your legs and arms in funny positions? Something only people who can move their legs do? The truth: Yoga is something anyone can do. Stay in your wheelchair, get on the [..}

OT fun watson world

Creating a Unique Sensory Experience

Most kids have played at a sensory table a time or two and probably enjoyed it very much!  They're popular in preschool classrooms and are great for kids with limited abilities for occupational therapy. I remember in one of my son's very first early childhood classes he was addicted to the water [..}

school kid

Going back to school doesn’t have to be scary

School will be starting soon. Are you scared? Or are you looking forward to all the fun you’re about to have? Going back to school can be extra stressful if you have a disability. It’s not always easy being the different one. But don’t let your disability get in the way. Here are some tricks [..}

Mable art adapts to fit kids with disabilities.

Adaptive Art: Golf Ball Painting

Let's face it, normally you wouldn't give your child a golf ball to play with...that is, until today!  Golf ball painting is a unique art project that works well for kids with limited abilities. It can be adapted with different balls for different results. It is fun for kids to be able to activate [..}