Activities for special needs kids.

Modifying Easter Activities for Your Special Needs Child

Tired of your child coming back with an empty basket at Easter egg hunts? Is regular egg decorating too difficult for your child? Here are modified or alternative activities you can do with your child this Easter. Easter Egg Hunt An egg hunt is not fun if you never get the chance to find an egg. [..}

dance twirl

Feel the Beat and Dance!

Standing up or walking is not a requirement to be a great dancer. Anyone can dance as long as they feel the beat! Growing up, my weekly dance class was the highlight of my week. It feels great to move your body with the music, and its so healthy to boot. Every kid with a disability should have the [..}


Blowing Games for Kids

While researching kids activities I came across "blowing games", at first I thought it was a misprint and was supposed to read bowling games.  But then I got to thinking about how much fun blowing games could actually be and how they would benefit kids with limited abilities. Many kids [..}

Anyone can have a ball with adapted sports.

Hey Sport! Get in the Game with Simple Adaptations

Spring is in the air, so it has never been a better time to go play! Participating in physical activity has a multitude of health benefits which are especially important for individuals who primarily use wheelchairs for mobility. Sports provide psychosocial benefits as well. Individuals who are [..}


Christopher Reeve: ABC’s on Sesame Street (Video)

Kids of all abilities will enjoy this short video from the 2000 Season of Sesame Street, showing Ernie, rubber ducky, and Christopher Reeve saying the ABC's.  If you like this video, you are sure to also like the video where Christopher Reeve talks about his wheelchair on Sesame [..}

kid swimming

Dreaming of Splashing Around?

With Spring almost here, it’s the perfect time to dream of Summer and think of all the awesome things you’ll be able to do. And if you’ve ever dreamt of going to a water park, there’s a wheelchair-friendly water park that lets you splash around like everyone else. It’s called Magic Waters [..}

plant indoor garden

It’s Easy to Plant Your Own Indoor Garden

Why wait for the snow to melt? Planting your own indoor garden is fun and easy. Your first step is to find containers for your plants around your house. Paper or plastic cups, coffee cans, glass jars and small flower pots work well. Set up your containers by a window in your house where the where [..}

EasyStand pediatric stander

Just Standing Around? Make it a Sensory / Tactile Experience

Keeping a child occupied is no small feat. Keeping a child happy who is standing in a standing device can be even more of a challenge.  Even a reluctant stander can become a happy one by giving them fun activities to partake in. Providing sensory-rich activities for your child while in their [..}

Mobile standing frames help kids stay active.

20 Kid-Friendly Activities do to in a Mobile Stander!

Kids love to move!  Many times kids who use a wheelchair for mobility only move while in the seated position, unlike their able-bodied friends who usually move while standing.  Mobile standers like the EasyStand Bantam Mobile allow kids to be independent and explore their environment.  Cool, [..}

Christopher Reeve talks about his Wheelchair on Sesame Street

Although this is a Sesame Street video, I am willing to bet there a lot of adults who would enjoy (and learn from) seeing Christopher Reeve explain his wheelchair to Big Bird and Zoe. This video is just one example of what the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation have done to help educate kids [..}