Single Parent

Adventures of Being a (Temporary) Single Parent

As some of you may have gathered from reading our other posts, my wife is ill. Not like mentally ill, although she probably is after dealing with me for 6 years, but she has been diagnosed with cancer and is in the hospital receiving treatment for the next...oh 2 weeks or so if everything goes well. [..}


The Uncomfy New Wheelchair Shuffle

Over a year ago, I embarked on a quest to acquire a new wheelchair. When it finally arrived after six long months of waiting, I was excited to start using it immediately. However, it took several more months before I was actually able to. The reason for this? Dozens of adjustments were required to [..}

Sickness Health Marriage Disability

In Sickness and in Health

Getting married. It doesn't get much heavier than that does it? You've promised your entire life to one person. There will never be another first date, another casual fling, or another person in your heart. If there is another person you're completely doing it wrong and have scored an epic fail! [..}

wheelchair disability rude questions

Are They Rude, or Am I Too Sensitive?

There's a certain something that tends to happen when you have a disability - you get a little paranoid, wondering if people are having negative thoughts about you because of your disability. It's easy to understand why we think this way - we're stared at and asked ultra personal questions by [..}

sex after a spinal cord injury

Sex After a Spinal Cord Injury

WARNING: This article contains adult content and may not be suitable for younger readers. Sex! You mean you it still works? This topic is usually brought up with the standard preface of "Can I ask you a personal question?". Followed quickly by "Can you still have sex?". OF COURSE WE CAN! [..}


The Perfect Accessible Flooring

On Solid Ground To ensure that you have good floors in your house, just knock on wood. Nothing rivals the way wood warm ups a room, its classic good looks, or how long it lasts—qualities that earn it the distinction of being This Old House's favorite flooring. Yep, from This Old House to [..}

Re-entering the Dating World as a 30-Something Disabled Woman

Re-entering the Dating World as a 30-Something Disabled Woman

Lately, I've been re-sharpening my expertise in the dating world. My blade got a little bit rusty. 3 years in a long-term relationship will do that to you. But now that I'm back at the 'ol dating wheel, I must say everything has changed - I'm older and men seem stupider and ruder. Oh man. [..}

disability community

Being Ambassadors for the Disability Community

Not a day passes that I am in public where I am not approached by a child, a student, parent, or random creepy person in the mall. Why do they approach me? Curiosity has gotten the better of them and I resemble Mr. Ask Me. Many people are not acquainted with someone who lives in a wheelchair. I [..}

Perfect Post-SCI Doctor

The Perfect Post-SCI Doctor

How many of you have struggled to find the perfect doctor? It's a frustrating search many people with disabilities go through, and I unfortunately have been searching for a very long time without any success. I had a great doctor once...about 10 years ago. She was a female nurse practitioner (love [..}

Dating with a disability

Dating with a Disability

Are you single and looking for that perfect soul mate? Get in line buddy! Dating is challenging for almost everyone, and there are specific challenges to dating when disabled. There are a few key things you can do to improve your odds of successfully dating. It's all in the planning. [..}