Wheelchair Life - Honesty and Integrity

Living with a Disability…with Integrity

One of the definitions of integrity is “the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.” Kinda like the last part of that definition, honesty, the best. As the world is still trying to fully understand the lack of honesty of a global icon, Lance Armstrong, I [..}


2013 – The Year of NOT SETTLING!

Hello Friends! Happy Holidays to you and your families. Yes, we are right on the cusp of 2013 and while some say that it is the ideal time to make new resolutions, let me remind you that 90% of people who make resolutions or goals don’t fail at achieving them…90% quit on them.  90% will [..}

Photo By Simon Pais-Thomas

How to respond to those “awkward” questions

They are out there, lurking around every corner and just waiting to disrupt your day. “They” are those awkward questions that everyone who has a physical disability has certainly experienced at one time or another. If you are like me and are out and about frequently, then you probably hear them [..}

Anger Management for Wheelchair Users

Channeling Your Anger

Hello Friends! If you are an avid reader of my blog posts then you certainly know that I am a very positive, optimistic, cup half full, believer in constant and never-ending improvement in this thing called life. However, I will also not sugar-coat something when I hear or feel more of it, no [..}

Benefits of standing frame for wheelchair users.

Standing: No Excuses!

Hello Friends! The following is not a paid advertisement from EasyStand…YOU MUST STAND! I repeat this is not a paid advertisement from EasyStand. So, why am I writing this then? Because I am getting sick and tired of all the lousy excuses that I continue to get from so many people with [..}

Push Girls Realty TV a Male Perspective of the Show

Push Girls…the Male Perspective

Hello Friends! For the past month, my wife, Pratiksha, and I have thoroughly enjoyed Sundance Channel’s new reality television program, “Push Girls.” It is about four women who are friends, live in California, and by the way, use wheelchairs to navigate their lives. It is a reality show that [..}

Inspirational Speaker with a Spinal Cord Injury

Try Your Best …in Everything You Do!

Hello Friends! Imagine putting 100% effort into everything you do…yes, everything. Whether it is cleaning the house, studying for an exam, doing physical therapy exercises, or any major or minor task, see what the results are for a day or two. See what happens when you complete a day without [..}

Scott Chesney Speaks to Disabled Veterans about life in a wheelchair.

Finding Gratitude in Your Disability

“Gratitude and disability in the same sentence?” you may be wondering. Absolutely. Truth be told we can find gratitude in any situation…good, bad, or indifferent. And disability is no exception. Does gratitude eliminate all the daily challenges that are associated with living with a disability [..}

Victims of bullying who are in wheelchairs

How to Act or React Toward a Bully

Bullying has been around since the beginning of time, but that does not make it right or even acceptable. Unfortunately there is never a child or even an adult who is a victim who is ever prepared for the verbal, physical, psychological, or cyber abuse that bullying delivers and delivers harshly. [..}

Spinal Cord Injury Health Issues

Listening to Our Bodies…Whether They Move or Not

Hello Friends! Now this is a tough blog entry to write, not only from a mental and an emotional standpoint, but from a physical one. As I am typing away on my computer, I am laying flat on my stomach in my home office, trying to heal a pressure sore on my bottom that I have not healed for about [..}