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Living with a Disability…with Integrity

One of the definitions of integrity is “the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.” I like the last part of that definition, honesty, the best. As the world is still trying to fully understand the lack of honesty of a global icon, Lance Armstrong, I believe it provides each and every […]

Channeling Your Anger

Hello Friends! If you are an avid reader of my blog posts then you certainly know that I am a very positive, optimistic, cup half full, believer in constant and never-ending improvement in this thing called life. However, I will also not sugar-coat something when I hear or feel more of it, no matter what […]

Standing: No Excuses!

Hello Friends! The following is not a paid advertisement from EasyStand…YOU MUST STAND! I repeat this is not a paid advertisement from EasyStand. So, why am I writing this then? Because I am getting sick and tired of all the lousy excuses that I continue to get from so many people with disabilities who are […]

Try Your Best …in Everything You Do!

Hello Friends! Imagine putting 100% effort into everything you do…yes, everything. Whether it is cleaning the house, studying for an exam, doing physical therapy exercises…any major or minor task. See what the results are for a day or two. See what happens when you complete a day without excuses, blame, or regret. Just think about […]