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We all have much to be thankful for… and we know it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Taken away is what is going to happen in January of 2016 to those who rely on complex rehab technology (CRT) wheelchair accessories.

Knowing What Standing Device Fits Your Needs

Do you know what you need? As the Funding Specialist for EasyStand, I am usually taking calls and reviewing Letters of Medical Necessity (LMN) about very specific standing devices. My most recent call reminded me of the importance of knowing what you really need and how to determine that need.

NCART Releases Standing Device Funding Guide

With over hundreds of research studies on standing and weight bearing you would think that both private and public healthcare payer sources would fund Standing Devices without a second thought. Unfortunately, in today’s ever shrinking insurance coverage and payment arena that is not the case. In fact, decreasing coverage and payment for standing devices is […]

CELA 2012 – Continuing Education and Legislative Advocacy

In previous years our emphasis during CELA visits to our members of Congress was to educate them on what is Complex Rehab Technology. Complex power wheelchairs, highly configurable manual wheelchairs, adaptive seating and positioning systems and other specialized equipment (such as standing frames and gait trainers) are considered “Complex Rehab Technology” or CRT.

Who’s Responsible When Funding is Denied?

A while back I spoke with a nurse case manager about the need for a stander for her client. After a lengthy discussion about the individual’s medical justification; the nurse case manager informed me that standers turned into coat racks, and thus this payer program should not cover them. Further into my conversation with the […]