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NCART Releases Standing Device Funding Guide

With over hundreds of research studies on standing and weight bearing you would think that both private and public healthcare payer sources would fund Standing Devices without a second thought. Unfortunately, in today’s ever shrinking insurance coverage and payment arena that is not the case. In [..}

NCART Wesbite: Protecting Access to CRT

Call to Action: Complex Rehab Technology

On Friday July 6th, two days after Independence Day, Don Clayback, the Executive Director of NCART (National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology) sent an email to all NCART members. His email requested wide distribution of his “Call To Action” flyer, please see text from the flyer [..}

Disability Advocacy - Securing Funding for Complex Rehab Technology

CELA 2012 – Continuing Education and Legislative Advocacy

In previous years our emphasis during CELA visits to our members of Congress was to educate them on what is Complex Rehab Technology. Complex power wheelchairs, highly configurable manual wheelchairs, adaptive seating and positioning systems and other specialized equipment (such as standing frames [..}

Importance of Complex Rehab Technologies Video

NCART Video – Complex Rehab Technologies, What Is It?

To family, friends and acquaintances who are outside of the Complex Rehab Technology industry: For over 25 years, I have had the privilege to work in an industry that creates products that improve the lifestyles and livelihoods of those who are unable to stand or walk- simple things that many of us [..}

Prescribing standing frames on an individual basis.

Whose Responsible?

A while back I spoke with a nurse case manager about the need for a stander for her client. After a lengthy discussion about the individual’s medical justification; the nurse case manager informed me that standers turned into coat racks, and thus this payer program should not cover them. Further [..}

Insurance Funded Standing Frame for Youth With Cerebral Palsy

Funding-Making Your Own Luck

Who deserves to stand? A sixteen year old with cerebral palsy, a middle-aged male with a T7 Spinal cord injury, a seven year old with metabolic syndrome?  They each sit in there wheelchair all day long and are at risk for many types of immobilization issues from contractures, pressure sores, [..}

consumer choice

You are the Consumer, it is YOUR choice

“There are always two choices, two paths to take. One is easy and it’s only reward is that it’s easy”. ~Author unknown On a daily basis, I speak to consumers with disabilities who are looking to purchase Complex Rehab Technology (CRT).  Some are attempting to decide what they should do [..}

EasyStand mobile

Self Advocacy (with a little help from my supplier)

Jeff told his DME (Durable Medical Equipment)/CRT (Complex Rehab Technology) supplier,  “That’s crap! I will not accept a denial from my insurance company for the stander. I’ve got to have the stander at home to keep my leg range of motion. What can I do to fight their decision?” What is [..}

Part of the Minnesota delegation (Laurie, Marsha, and Pat) waiting outside Senator Klobuchar's office.

Fueled by Advocacy – CELA 2011

Shane was denied power assist wheels for his manual wheelchair in Minnesota. Five different consumers cannot gain appropriate funding for their standers from private insurance in New York.  Elizabeth’s power wheelchair was down coded to less expensive wheelchair due to Medicare’s “in the [..}


Funding for Standing Frames (Presentation)

Part of my job at Altimate Medical Inc. is to help educate people on the process of purchasing a standing frame and writing a letter of justification for a stander.  Below is a PowerPoint presentation on Funding & Documentation for Standing Frames that was recently presented to clinicians and [..}