Leaf art projects that kids of all abilities can do while standing.

5 Fun Autumn Leaf Art Projects

Autumn is here! It is a time to enjoy taking a breath of the crisp fresh air, harvest the colorful fields and gardens, and send the kids off to school. In many parts of the country, the leaves have begun to float from the trees and cover the ground. Why not use these leaves to create some unique art projects?

The fun begins with a “leaf hunt” or for us adults, a nature walk (or roll), to gather a bunch of leaves in different colors and sizes. Spice up the “leaf hunt” by wearing explorer hats or singing a special song. Make sure that you take a path that is accessible for kids of all abilities. After you return, then the creativity begins!

Here are 5 fun leaf art ideas for kids:
1. Paint leaves with different color craft paint and make an imprint on a sheet of paper or a white t-shirt.

2. Use markers to draw a tree trunk and branches or trace the child’s arm and fingers to make the trunk and branches, then glue the leaves on the tree to create their very own “autumn tree”.Leaf art projects that kids of all abilities can do while standing.

3. Flatten leaves in a heavy book and place them in wax paper (on both sides), use an ironing board and dish towel over the top. Iron gently over the wax paper at low heat. This will create beautiful art to hang in the window.

4. Use the different sized leaves to create an object…like a person. Larger leaf for the body, long skinny leaves for arms and legs, a rounder leaf for the head.

5. Create a book of leaves (my son did this in his kindergarten class last year). Each student brought a leaf to school and glued it to the page that they designed. The page also included a short sentence about their leaf. The teacher then bound all the pages together, added a cover and had each student sign it. It was sent home for each parent to read with their child and then displayed in the classroom. You and your child could also create your own book at home too.

I’ve given you my 5 autumn leaf art ideas, now it is time to share yours! If we get 5 more ideas in the comments below, I will send everyone who participated a free canvas tote bag. Maybe you can use it on your next “leaf hunt”!

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