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  • Kids' Remarks About My Wheelchair

    Kids really do say the darnedest things. I have never minded when kids come up to me and ask their crazy off the wall questions about my injury or my wheelchair. Over the years I’ve compiled a list of off the wall comments and questions asked to me by small children, some including my own daughter. Here […]

  • Assisted Walking after a Spinal Cord Injury

    For years I’ve been blogging about the much ballyhooed Project Walk, the “new” spinal cord injury rehabilitation center that’s all the rage and spreading across the country. They give those with new injuries an opportunity to continue their rehabilitation, but I truly never thought I would get an opportunity to try it out myself. Boy […]

  • Building Heart Health for Kids with Disabilities Through Standing and Exercise

    Increasing the physical activity level of Americans can be read about everywhere you turn; from articles talking about reducing obesity to helping us become more heart healthy. In the month of February, we are particularly more attuned to our heart health with Valentine’s Day and National Heart Month. But how do families with children with disabilities […]

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  • Controlling Anger After a Spinal Cord Injury

    Why are you so angry? Do you have any idea how unfair my life has become because of an accident? Let me tell you about it! Nothing is the same. I lost my career and a bunch of my friends. I can’t do the same activities. I can’t go to the same places and clubs […]

  • The Box-Donating Special Needs Items.jpg

    They sat in the closet for 6 months. In The Box, unseen. Untouched. After our move to the townhouse rental, they remained in The Box… in the garage, way in the back under all the toys and games. We brought them to the new house and, finally, I unpacked them from The Box, as we […]

  • When OMG Happens and No One's Around

    I was going to write a blog post today about something else entirely, but literally something happened 5 minutes prior to writing this blog that changed my mindset. My table just flipped. Yes, my round glass living room that I work on lifted up out of nowhere a moment ago, and no it wasn’t something […]

  • Dating After a Spinal Cord Injury

    No matter what situation you’re in, relationships are very important whether it be a caregiver, friend, family member, significant other etc. It always feels good to have that one person or group of people that you can count on to be there for you no matter what and talk to you about anything. I’d like to focus […]

  • The Caregiving Spouse

    When the spouse is the only caregiver things can spiral downhill in a marriage very quickly. I can not tell you about the number of times I have heard that a marriage fell apart for that reason alone. There are many difficulties that come from being in this situation. Many spouses feel unappreciated, suffer from intimacy issues, develop resentment, […]