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  • The Power of Words

    Every single time someone called me “pretty” growing up, I cringed. As an adult, it’s taken some time and an acknowledgement of ugly days, but I can accept the compliment. I can feel pretty, and that, as a woman and as a woman with a disability is quite the achievement. I already tapped into the […]

  • Dealing with Ignorance About Our Marriage

    Being married to a paraplegic is no different than being married to anyone else. There are small details that are different. We can’t pack up at the last minute and drive off into the sunset without a second thought to planning. We’re also parents, so we couldn’t do that either way. It takes longer to […]

  • Nest Thermostat

    A lot of things happen to your body after a spinal cord injury, but one of the most annoying is your body’s inability to regulate its temperature. You go from hot and cold like a woman going through menopause and there’s not much you can do about it. Layers, space heaters, fans that spray water, […]

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  • Jessie + Luke: How it All Began

    Have you ever wondered how this crazy couple ended up together? You definitely have not, but I’m going to tell you anyway, It started on a summer day when a neighbor was moving in a few houses down. I am that super friendly annoying neighbor that forces everyone to spend time together with neighborhood parties. It’s […]

  • How to Get a Great Tan in a Wheelchair

    I understand this may sound like a silly topic to some. “Why don’t you just roll out into the sun and be done with it, Tiffiny?” you may be thinking. It shouldn’t be difficult for anyone, wheelchair user or not, to get some sun; this IS true, but getting an even tan in a wheelchair, […]

  • Waiting for communication in the world of Cerebral Palsy

    Do you want to watch The Chipmunks or Spongebob? I hold out my thumbs, like I have done since Roa was two, and he picks his selection. I pray. I hope. In anticipation, I wait to see if he will not just grab that thumb but that he will say “Bob”. He grabs that thumb. […]

  • Self Care is a Balancing Act

    Every now and again I get questions from my peers with and without disabilities about what self-care looks like for me, and how I tend to all of my needs. As I’ve echoed here in my previous two articles (here and here), there is a certain art in asking for help and saying that enough […]

  • Accepting (or Denying) Assistance From Others

    What is so important about being independent as possible? Why won’t you accept my help? I was only trying to be nice! You don’t need to be so rude about it! Strangers can be well meaning individuals offering their assistance as we go about our daily lives. We should be thankful that they are available […]