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  • The Diving Accident That Led to My Spinal Cord Injury

    You always hear that life can change in a matter of seconds; in just the blink of an eye; one single unforeseen instance that you never imagined could happen to you. We all want to believe we’re invincible, right? It could never possibly happen to you. At 23, I was cocky enough to think I […]

  • EasyStand Zing MPS Pediatric Standing Frame

    We’ve been exceptionally busy the last few months here at EasyStand gearing up for the release of a product unlike anything else on the market: the Zing MPS! A lot goes into designing a new product: market research, countless hours of design (HUGE shout out to our amazing in-house R&D team!! They are seriously brilliant.), obtain […]

  • Kids' Remarks About My Wheelchair

    Kids really do say the darndest things. I have never minded when kids come up to me and ask their crazy off the wall questions about my injury or my wheelchair. Over the years I’ve compiled a list of off the wall comments and questions asked to me by small children, some including my own daughter. Here […]

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  • Prejudiced People Reminding Me I Use a Wheelchair

    I’ve come a long way in regards to thinking most people see me as subhuman because I use a wheelchair. I was so uncomfortable in the beginning it was ridiculous. I could barely go to the mall without having an emotional breakdown. Even though I’m not like this anymore, holy cow does it upset me […]

  • Lake Day Activities

    There is nothing better or more relaxing than spending the day at the lake with friends and family. From the peaceful scenery to the myriad of available activities what more could you ask for on a nice day out? We have a beautiful lake a few minutes from our home and try to get there […]

  • Regulating Body Temperature With an SCI

    Having an SCI and being on a ventilator can present challenges for maintaining body temperature through extreme temperature changes. Because of my injury, I’m unable to feel if I’m cold or hot. The only way I know is by using a thermometer, often when it’s too late. Also, the temperature in the air can be very […]

  • Fun Activities To Keep Your Child Standing All Summer Long

    Having a child with a disability lends to its own challenges, and trying to find time to get your child in the stander can be one of those challenges in the busy summer months. Here’s hoping that some of these ideas will make it fun to incorporate, keeping those bones strong and muscles stretched out […]

  • Cyborg

    I am astonished. In 1993, at the very beginning of my life as a quadriplegic, I never would I have imagined this is where we’d be with spinal cord injury research in the year 2015. I’m pretty sure I imagined a biological cure, if we would have been blessed with such a thing. And I […]