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  • The Diving Accident That Led to My Spinal Cord Injury

    You always hear that life can change in a matter of seconds; in just the blink of an eye; one single unforeseen instance that you never imagined could happen to you. We all want to believe we’re invincible, right? It could never possibly happen to you. At 23, I was cocky enough to think I […]

  • EasyStand Zing MPS Pediatric Standing Frame

    We’ve been exceptionally busy the last few months here at EasyStand gearing up for the release of a product unlike anything else on the market: the Zing MPS! A lot goes into designing a new product: market research, countless hours of design (HUGE shout out to our amazing in-house R&D team!! They are seriously brilliant.), obtain […]

  • Kids' Remarks About My Wheelchair

    Kids really do say the darndest things. I have never minded when kids come up to me and ask their crazy off the wall questions about my injury or my wheelchair. Over the years I’ve compiled a list of off the wall comments and questions asked to me by small children, some including my own daughter. Here […]

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  • A meaning among many words

    As I laid there staring at the ceiling, listening to machines beeping and people screaming, I was worried that I may never be where I was before. I had made it through this situation, and hoped that nothing like it would ever cross my path again. Laying there made me realize that there’s more to […]

  • How to keep good PCAs around

    Having PCAS in your home is a lot like going to school each day. You have a schedule you need to keep track of just like classes, and it can be quite exhausting. I’ve recently discovered this more and more over the last five years of living with paralysis. I’m not sure why, but the […]

  • 206760242_2dd1bd6b47_z

    I’ll never forget the one time I was outside a Target on my cell phone. I wasn’t doing anything except talking and sitting there, but apparently I was doing a lot more. In the middle of my conversation I was interrupted by a stranger asking if I needed help, and then I realized what was […]

  • Grey Hairs and Bounce Houses

    I used to snicker when people would fret when first gray hairs are spotted. What’s the big deal, people? We will all grow old and, in fact, age more and more each day. Until I moved to CP Land. Here, gray hairs bring fears of the future. The what-ifs, the unknown abilities or disabilities of […]

  • Living Fully Now While Waiting for the "Cure"

    After a spinal cord injury, it can be hard to figure out what to do next. After rehab and going home, you have two decisions – do you re-enter life as a wheelchair-user or do you wait until a cure is found? In the spinal cord injury community, this has long been a dilemma even […]