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  • The Power of Words

    Every single time someone called me “pretty” growing up, I cringed. As an adult, it’s taken some time and an acknowledgement of ugly days, but I can accept the compliment. I can feel pretty, and that, as a woman and as a woman with a disability is quite the achievement. I already tapped into the […]

  • Dealing with Ignorance About Our Marriage

    Being married to a paraplegic is no different than being married to anyone else. There are small details that are different. We can’t pack up at the last minute and drive off into the sunset without a second thought to planning. We’re also parents, so we couldn’t do that either way. It takes longer to […]

  • Nest Thermostat

    A lot of things happen to your body after a spinal cord injury, but one of the most annoying is your body’s inability to regulate its temperature. You go from hot and cold like a woman going through menopause and there’s not much you can do about it. Layers, space heaters, fans that spray water, […]

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  • Hearts Aflutter and Crap Like That

    The room is lit by candle-light, soft music gently sets the seen. Fireplace is going with blankets and pillows stationed before it. He moves towards her and the energy in the room is nothing short of passionate. It all begins with a “firm-man-I’ve-missed-you kiss” then a backrub to end all backrubs. Sleepy-eyes dream that the […]

  • Being a Good Ally to Those with Disabilities

    In Which I Tell You to Listen Within this life of difference, I’ve had a lot of people ask me how it is they can be a better ally for those with disabilities, and I always give one simple answer. Use your voices to help raise ours. If you notice inaccessibility, be aware of it. […]

  • The Pain of Parenting a Child With Special Needs

    Children are a blessing in all forms. They provide us with unconditional love. Not every child has the same physical or intellectual abilities. It is bittersweet to have a child that has special needs. You wouldn’t trade your child for anything in this world. When you look at them all you see is your sweet […]

  • Meet EasyStand's Newest Contributor, Allycia!

    Hello! I am thrilled to be a part of the EasyStand community and to write to you about my experiences. Here is a bit about me…  I am the camp counselor you send your kids to hang out with during the summer. I am the respite care provider that gives you a break. I am […]

  • How Do You Fight the "You're Not Good Enough" Voice?

    Even after almost 23 years of living life as a quadriplegic, I am still struggling with an issue I am definitely not proud of – my self-esteem. I have my good days, my bad days, even my good years and bad years, but when you get around using four wheels instead of two legs, things get […]