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  • Winter Prepping for Wheelchair Users

    They say this year’s winter is predicted to be unseasonably harsh. That’s great news if you like to stay indoors, spend extra money on heating, and have no where to go. Now back to reality! Cold, snowy winters are problematic for people in general, but even more so for those with disabilities. Are you prepared […]

  • Purchasing an EasyStand Standing Frame

    Yesterday I spoke with a very nice woman named Sara who was trying to assist her brother acquire a standing frame. Sara’s brother is 5 years post SCI, and his submission for a standing device was denied by his insurance. I asked my usual list of questions when speaking with someone in this situation: Who was […]

  • Special Needs Mom Christmas Wish List

    I recently compiled a list of holiday gifts for children with special needs. It made me think…what would I wish for this year? Parents of children with special needs don’t wish for the usual things like a new Keurig or a cozy sweater. Here are 26 things that I would LOVE for Christmas this year. An entire month without juggling therapy appointments & doctor visits. NO hospital […]

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  • Movement After a Spinal Cord Injury

    Currently, I’m considered incomplete motor and sensory, which means I have some feeling and movement below the level of my injury. In Part I, most of my post was about the feeling that I have throughout my body. I explained my injury level along with what I can feel despite being a C-1 C-2 quadriplegic […]

  • Knowing What Standing Device Fits Your Needs

    Do you know what you need? As the Funding Specialist for EasyStand, I am usually taking calls and reviewing Letters of Medical Necessity (LMN) about very specific standing devices. My most recent call reminded me of the importance of knowing what you really need and how to determine that need. A very nice gentlemen named […]

  • Encouraging Capable Kids

    Children with special needs are beautiful and strong. Every step forward is greeted with smiles and cheers that perhaps other families can not understand. What can we do as parents to help foster a healthy sense of self worth in our special kids? How can we encourage them to always strive for more? Praise Them Any […]

  • Quadriplegic Sleep

    It all started with a blanket over Sam’s head. He was the football player in the room next to me when with a brain injury. Apparently, so said the nurses, he started sleeping with a blanket over his head after the car accident. Why? He was cold. I was freezing all of the time too, […]

  • Cannabis Oil for Children with Special Needs

    Despite the fact that medical marijuana is now completely legal in the state of Colorado, the idea of giving it to a child with special needs still gives some parents great pause. Marijuana carries the stigma of a drug that is used for recreational use to create a “high.”  Something many feel is not appropriate […]