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  • Winter Prepping for Wheelchair Users

    They say this year’s winter is predicted to be unseasonably harsh. That’s great news if you like to stay indoors, spend extra money on heating, and have no where to go. Now back to reality! Cold, snowy winters are problematic for people in general, but even more so for those with disabilities. Are you prepared […]

  • Purchasing an EasyStand Standing Frame

    Yesterday I spoke with a very nice woman named Sara who was trying to assist her brother acquire a standing frame. Sara’s brother is 5 years post SCI, and his submission for a standing device was denied by his insurance. I asked my usual list of questions when speaking with someone in this situation: Who was […]

  • Shuttle Ride Between CP Land and World Typical

    As I feed Roa his breakfast, Gunnar is giving me an art history lesson about Picasso’s Blue Period.  Roa is 6, Gunnar just turned 4 last week.  Roa has cerebral palsy. Gunnar has typical…yet frightfully advanced in some areas… development. I comment, ask questions, engage in the conversation with Gunnar as Roa just sits and […]

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  • Wheelchair Basketball Club

    The thing about being paralyzed is that it doesn’t change, just like those Happy Days reruns or multiple choice tests; years can pass and everything can still be the same. But one thing will always change – the number of people in your area that are paralyzed. Eventually – there will always be another new […]

  • Special Needs Mom Christmas Wish List

    I recently compiled a list of holiday gifts for children with special needs. It made me think…what would I wish for this year? Parents of children with special needs don’t wish for the usual things like a new Keurig or a cozy sweater. Here are 26 things that I would LOVE for Christmas this year. An entire month without juggling therapy appointments & doctor visits. NO hospital […]

  • 6494600425_9b273b45d0_o

    There’s nothing more important if you ask me than reliability in the echelon of PCA’s. I need one each morning and night, seven days a week, but I’m lucky – my PCAs don’t have to stay all day. Once I’m in my chair, I’m relatively independent. My biggest thing is just making sure they show […]

  • Growing Our Special Needs Family

    The adoption of our second child, Tay, has recently been finalized. I am officially a father or two beautiful young ladies. It’s funny when I look back at my life before my accident. I never really wanted kids. I knew one day I would settle down and get married. At some point I figured there would be […]

  • Preparing for emergencies in the land of Cerebral Palsy

    Do you ever have completely scary thoughts or daydreams?  If you say no, I know you are lying.  We all have watched a freaky movie that sticks with you and makes you dream up terrible things that could happen.  I, myself, must admit that I am a horror movie lover.  Weird, right?!  There is just […]