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  • Quadriplegic Cooking

    Humans are always busy calculating risk over reward in every area of life. Is dating this guy worth it? Is taking this shortcut that could get me lost worth it? Is eating this giant banana split (and all of its extra calories) worth it? Is it even worth your time reading this article? After breaking […]

  • Sibling Love

    “I don’t want to have a brother like Roa!” Gunnar yells as his block tower is knocked down for the third time by his giggling older brother’s reaching arm. Oh, that pierces my momma heart. Such angry words that my three-year-old doesn’t really mean, but sum up his frustration. Roa didn’t seem to notice… or […]

  • Bladder Programs After a Spinal Cord Injury

    Nerve damage to the bladder is a common side effects of having a spinal cord injury, other injury, surgical procedures, and several disease processes. Having a consistent bladder program reduces accidents, infections, and the risk of autonomic hyperreflexia. Neurogenic Bladder A neurogenic bladder is one that takes voluntarily control of holding or emptying urine away […]

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  • Shuttle Ride Between CP Land and World Typical

    As I feed Roa his breakfast, Gunnar is giving me an art history lesson about Picasso’s Blue Period.  Roa is 6, Gunnar just turned 4 last week.  Roa has cerebral palsy. Gunnar has typical…yet frightfully advanced in some areas… development. I comment, ask questions, engage in the conversation with Gunnar as Roa just sits and […]

  • My Spouse Isn't Different Because he uses a wheelchair

    My husband is a lower level paraplegic with memory problems. He is independent physically, but he does need help in other areas. I met him a few years post accident. He has a great personality and an amazing attitude towards life in general. I was immediately attracted to him for those qualities. His good looks […]

  • Roa_Gunnar_Cerebral-Palsy

    Joy spills from his eyes and fills a room with a certain glow. After the initial double-take from seeing him in his wheelchair, that is what most people see.   It’s funny how you notice it some days more than others, but that day in the waiting room of our chiropractor, it really hit me. […]

  • Exercise-benefits-wheelchair-users

    The benefits and importance of remaining physically fit after a spinal cord injury can not be put into words. Strong muscles lead to healthier bones and make being independent that much easier. The psychological benefits of being fit and healthy are numerous as well. Why would you want to make life harder than it has […]

  • Living with a disability

    Stares upon stares, heaps of awkward situations, people avoiding you at all costs because of it, it’s as bad as you think when you live with a visible disability. Maybe it’s not like this all the time, especially around family and friends, but in public, oh we’ve all been there. Some of us have been […]