Jessie's Multiple Sclerosis

My Multiple Sclerosis

My battle with multiple sclerosis began several years ago with…
Meet EasyStand's Newest Writer, Lauren Rosen, Physical Therapist

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  • The Power of Words

    Every single time someone called me “pretty” growing up, I cringed. As an adult, it’s taken some time and an acknowledgement of ugly days, but I can accept the compliment. I can feel pretty, and that, as a woman and as a woman with a disability is quite the achievement. I already tapped into the […]

  • Dealing with Ignorance About Our Marriage

    Being married to a paraplegic is no different than being married to anyone else. There are small details that are different. We can’t pack up at the last minute and drive off into the sunset without a second thought to planning. We’re also parents, so we couldn’t do that either way. It takes longer to […]

  • Nest Thermostat

    A lot of things happen to your body after a spinal cord injury, but one of the most annoying is your body’s inability to regulate its temperature. You go from hot and cold like a woman going through menopause and there’s not much you can do about it. Layers, space heaters, fans that spray water, […]

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  • Jessie's Multiple Sclerosis

    My battle with multiple sclerosis began several years ago with several battles of optic neuritis. I was misdiagnosed many times because MS is not usually diagnosed in your 20’s. I was a few years too late and a few years too early for my doctor to want to consider it as a possibility for my […]

  • Meet EasyStand's Newest Writer, Lauren Rosen, Physical Therapist

    I’m very excited to write my first official blog! I thought I’d tell you a bit about me and my plans for this blog. Feel free to speak up and tell me what you think and if there are any topics you’d like me to discuss (or not to discuss if you’ve heard it too […]

  • Let's Start Talking

    I spend a lot of time navigating inaccessibility out and about, and at this point I’d consider myself a bit of an expert. I’ve also spent a lot of time shrugging off ableism in the name of ignorance, or “they just don’t know any better.” I’ve touched on this before, and perhaps I’m getting a […]

  • Ginormous Sadness and It's All Mine

    As I sit in the waiting room waiting for Gunnar, yep, not Roa but Gunnar’s therapy, I feel just plain sad. I know… you’ve heard it already. You know the deal, feel the same, or can only imagine.

  • How to Handle Traffic Stops as a Person with a Disability

    You are aware of the incidents of police brutality and retaliation happening in this country unless you’ve been you in a coma these last few years. There is the black lives matter movement, which I understand, but I personally believe it’s creating more segregation in our country. I’m going to tell you why and explain […]