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  • Dating someone with a disability

    Are you questioning whether or not dating someone with a disability is right for you? It’s a good question to ask! There are things in your lifestyle that need to be taken into consideration before making that leap. Disabilities and diseases come in all forms and level of severity. No two people will share the […]

  • Terrific Kids - Cerebral Palsy

    The conversation in the car was inevitable. I had been waiting on it for almost 12 years —since the triplets began kindergarten as a matter of fact. But expecting a conversation and being prepared for it are two completely different things. “Mom, am I horrible that I am so tired of people telling me that […]

  • Social Networking

    Plugged into the Village What kind of wheelchair does he have? How often does she go to PT? Has anyone tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? HELP! My child bites himself? I need to vent…. All topics of conversation between parents of kiddos with special needs. Whether in meet-in-person support groups or online social networking, moms and […]

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  • Fun Activities for Disabled Parents to do With Their Kids

    Have you ever noticed how many articles focus on the children having fun? What about us? Where’s our fun in this crazy job called parenting? Being a disabled parent means many things to many people. The one thing it doesn’t mean is that we can’t have fun engaging in activities with our children. Talking to […]

  • Moving Boxes

    There’s something very handy that comes along whenever you move – you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself all over again. It may sound a bit disingenuous to change who you are, but if there are things about yourself that you don’t like or even think are unhealthy, this is the opportune time to make […]

  • Nicaragua

    I traveled to Nicaragua to an area in the northern country known as Matagalpa. The area is fortunate to have “Sister Rebecca” who founded a school for children with disabilities called familias especiales. On my first trip there, organized by a group of therapist friends, we weren’t sure what to expect, or what we might […]

  • Sibling Love

    “I don’t want to have a brother like Roa!” Gunnar yells as his block tower is knocked down for the third time by his giggling older brother’s reaching arm. Oh, that pierces my momma heart. Such angry words that my three-year-old doesn’t really mean, but sum up his frustration. Roa didn’t seem to notice… or […]

  • Wheelchair Maintenance

    As someone who uses a wheelchair everyday it is important that my wheelchair stays functional at all times. Wheelchairs are not cheap to replace and it only takes a few minutes to prevent and spot problems before you’re on your way out the door. Keep it Clean It only takes a few minutes a day […]