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  • Dating someone with a disability

    Are you questioning whether or not dating someone with a disability is right for you? It’s a good question to ask! There are things in your lifestyle that need to be taken into consideration before making that leap. Disabilities and diseases come in all forms and level of severity. No two people will share the […]

  • The Quadriplegic Inventors Club

    I gotta say, there’s nothing that makes you feel more stupid than breaking your own neck. I think that’s why so many of us work so hard to create as many inventive solutions as we can; we know it’s up to us and nobody else to figure out answers to our new difficulties in life. […]

  • Working Moms of Special Needs Children

    The Juggling of Hats There is a lot of discussion about who works the hardest, the mothers who leave their children each day at child care and head off to their job or the moms who stay home all day and care for their children. Both groups have to keep up with housework, bills, and […]

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  • Making New Friends

    It’s hard enough making new friends. Throw in being an adult and using a wheelchair, and the odds are stacked even higher. But I’m here to share it’s not a lost cause. There are opportunities everywhere. I was able to make dozens of new friends in my late twenties, long after high school and college, […]

  • Superdad

    Just call me SuperDad. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, my flying days are long over. Down here! That’s right, it’s SuperDad! Faster than a briskly paced walk and rolling through a mall near you! Do I wear a fancy costume? No, but I bet my legs would look hella sexy in […]

  • First day of school of Special Needs Boy

    As school starts across the country, I watch as friends post pictures taken sending their little ones…babies, off to Kindergarten. Before I was a parent, I always thought, why the misty-eyed, tearful reaction? What a great milestone to celebrate! Entrance into school to make friends, learn new things, and explore that developing personality! Now, as […]

  • Funding for Standing Frames

    As the Funding Specialist for EasyStand, I hear a lot of questions from people who are interested in acquiring an standing frame, but don’t know where to begin. Insurance coverage, whether public or private, can be extremely confusing to navigate, but I am here to help clear up some of that confusion.  A few weeks […]

  • Fun Activities for Disabled Parents to do With Their Kids

    Have you ever noticed how many articles focus on the children having fun? What about us? Where’s our fun in this crazy job called parenting? Being a disabled parent means many things to many people. The one thing it doesn’t mean is that we can’t have fun engaging in activities with our children. Talking to […]